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LT Wright knives is an American manufacturer of quality knives built with the modern outdoorsman and bushcrafters in mind. LT Wright, the owner, and namesake of LT Wright knives started out making knives as a hobby which quickly developed into a passion. Now LT and the rest of the team at LT Wright are making knives every day that are designed to perform and look great while doing it. At The Knife Connection, we are proud to be one of the handful of US dealers with LT Wright Knives For Sale.

One thing that is apparent when you look at our inventory of LT Wright knives for sale is the fact that these knives feature simple profiles. Every knife from LT Wright features simple utilitarian designs that are implemented perfectly. Whenever new blade profiles or materials are tested, the LT Wright team puts them through the wringer, including being sometimes reviewed by members of the “Pout House,” LT Wright’s member’s only knife forum. Only the best of the best make it to production. Between the functional blade shapes to the polished and textured handles, these knives are as much pieces of art as they are workhorse tools.

Our inventory includes over 40 knife styles from LT Wright. Many of these knives are available with multiple handle options and a heavy-duty leather sheath is included with every knife. To give you an idea of our selection, let’s take a look at a few of our best selling knives from this brand.

● The Forest Trail – This is a TKC exclusive knife and features a 5” scandi grind blade that is perfect for nearly any outdoor task. The heavy-duty knife is a workhorse ready to assist with bushcraft tasks and breaking down game. You will love the comfort and secure grip of the well-designed handle.

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● The Bushcrafter – If you hadn’t already guessed, this knife was designed with bushcraft in mind. Featuring a 4 ⅛” A2 steel blade, the rugged yet compact Bushcrafter is a perfect jack-of-all-trades for any of your hunting or outdoor cutting needs.

● The Frontier First – A great utility, every-day-carry knife, or small game hunting knife, the Frontier First has a flat ground 2.69” CPM 3V steel blade that will hold its edge even when performing tough jobs.

● The Bushbaby – Despite this knife’s compact 2.875” blade, it is able to tackle the same serious bushcrafting tasks as its big brother, the Bushcrafter. The small size makes it a great choice for every-day carry or a versatile knife to keep in your pack or on your belt next time you head into the woods.

● Camp MUK – This knife has a gently curved 3.625” blade inspired by the Nessmuk style blade. These knives are perfect for skinning, slicing, and other hunting tasks or other chores encountered while camping.

● Frontier Trapper – These gorgeous knives feature a clip point and they are the perfect choice for dressing and skinning game or tackling smaller bushcraft tasks. The AEB-L stainless steel blade can handle heavy use without losing its edge. The squared-off spine is also perfect for sparking a firesteel.

● Frontier Valley – A perfect choice for anyone in need of a small hunting knife or a versatile EDC knife. The 2.5” A2 steel blade will hold a fine edge and stand up to the abuse of even the most aggressive users.

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So if you are in the market for a quality knife, pay us a visit today at We have a wide selection of LT Wright knives for sale, as well as hundreds of knives from other amazing brands. Whatever job you need a knife for, you will find plenty of perfectly suited options when you visit our site. If you have any questions about the knives we carry, feel free to reach out to our team at 1-866-336-2834 or [email protected]

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