The eCommerce Advantages a Magento Developer Provides


Given the complexities of modern-day eCommerce, it’s important to understand how a professional Magento Developer could help you overcome your problems and provide solutions that could propel your business.

The truth is, Magento is a powerful platform for eCommerce, offering a wide range of features for store owners, including full control over how their site looks and feels, easy support for expansion and growth that other platforms have trouble with, easy integration to sell customizable products, and more. This is why so many people are choosing Magento as their platform for eCommerce over others such as WordPress and Shopify.

What’s also true is that this large amount of features comes with a hefty amount of complexity and a steep learning curve. Without professional development and assistance, your Magento experience is going to be stymied. A Magento developer takes away the need to learn all of the complexities of the platform, allowing you to do what you love: run your business.

A Magento Developer Will Save You Time and Money
The primary benefit of having a professional agency work with you in your eCommerce endeavors is that you will be saving a ton of time and money over the course of your store’s growth and development. There’s a lot to know when it comes to building a successful online store, and it takes a lot more than a single person to pull it all together and make it function the way it’s supposed to. Development is necessary in order to ensure everything is in working order and that your website will actually perform on a professional level.

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It’s always important to keep in mind with web design and eCommerce that just about anyone can pop up a store on the Internet and call themselves a business. Especially when it comes to a powerful open source platform like Magento, it’s simple to get a hold of a free template, upload some products and some photos, and jump into the eCommerce arena. There are thousands of websites like this out there, all vying for positions in Google.

What separates these amateur jobs and a true professional eCommerce website is what’s happening in the background. Has the website been built with user experience in mind? Is it optimized for every device? Is the store functionality working as it should be? Have the proper SEO conventions been followed and is all the metadata placed correctly for the search engines and other platforms to read? What about product listing optimization and brand identity?

These kinds of high-level development issues rarely fall into place on their own. They require a knowledgeable team of experts with years of experience in constructing, developing, and launching eCommerce websites.

Without this kind of professional backing, you stand to lose a ton of time and money. Time, because it will take three times as long to get anything done, make changes to your store, or build a dedicated following, and money, because you’re going to be missing out on traffic and sales, and spending more on individual issues when they pop up because of not starting off with the right foundation.

The Magento Developer For You
If you want to take your Magento eCommerce store to the next level, you can trust that a professional agency like 1Digital® will make your vision come to life. Their team specializes in eCommerce platforms such as Magento and have the specific skills and technical expertise to develop an online store that succeeds where others fail. Get in touch with them today to speak with them about developing your website.

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