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The 10 best Asian destinations

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If there is one thing we cannot deny is that Asia is fashionable. For many reasons this continent is one of the most chosen for our vacations: mostly economic destinations, flights at very tight prices, exoticism in many cases or verIf there is one thing we cannot deny is that Asia is fashionable. For many reasons this continent is one of the most chosen for our vacations: mostly economic destinations, flights at very tight prices, exoticism in many cases or very different cultures are just some of the things for which Asia is one of the destinations more fashionable. In this case, after our experience traveling through some of them, we leave you selections of what we believe are some of the 10 best Asian destinations.

1- Sri Lanka

temple in colombo sri lanka

One of the least known countries, but at the same time more fashionable in recent times. With a rather small extension in relation to other Asian destinations, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination to enjoy a unique culture, dreamy landscapes, incredible beaches and people who will make you spend unforgettable days.
We recommend a trip of at least two weeks to be able to enjoy most of its most touristic places such as the Cultural Triangle, the Highlands or the southern beaches, where you can relax after an incredible trip to Sri Lanka.

2- Malaysia


If you are looking for a different Asian destination, but with great potential, Malaysia should be your chosen one. With idyllic beaches, a unique culture and delicious cuisine, this is one of the destinations that will not let you down and to which, for sure; you will want to return again and again. Although the recommendation would be to travel to Malaysia as long as you could, two weeks is enough time to get to know the most tourists besides spending a few days on one of its postcard beaches.

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3. Japan


Another of the best Asian destinations is undoubtedly Japan. A country in which the surprise is in every corner and where you will find yourself between the most absolute tradition and the most incredible future just by crossing the street.
Contrary to what is usually believed, a trip to Japan is much cheaper than it may seem at first glance. Booking with some time is easy to get accommodation for two people for an average of 50 euros in cities like Kyoto or Tokyo.

4. Philippines


The Philippines is another of the most fashionable Asian destinations at the moment and one of those countries in which, sure, you have thought at some time.

Despite what it may seem, flying to the Philippines is not so expensive, being able to find flights for less than 500 euros, which will take you straight to the most incredible paradise.

5- Maldives


Considered by many to be one of the most incredible paradises in and out of the water, Maldives is an unforgettable trip whether you plan it as a unique trip or as a complement to Sri Lanka. In our case we combine it with the latter and we have to say that it was one of the most incredible experiences we have ever had.
We recommend a 5-7 day stay, plus the days of transfers, to enjoy the most. Contrary to what may seem, we assure you that you will not get tired of lying in a hammock in front of endless palm trees that look like they were taken out of a painting.

White sand beaches, palm trees and incredible blue waters are waiting for you.

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6- Thailand


Another of the most visited Asian destinations is Thailand. Considered by many as one of the easiest destinations to travel, in addition to the perfect Asian initiation for the traveler, Thailand is one of those countries that do not disappoint, no matter how much tourism has increased considerably.
We recommend a minimum of 3 weeks to get to know the country by public transport and then spend a few days at one of its famous beaches, relaxing and enjoying some of the most incredible landscapes in the world.

7. Indonesia


What can we say about Indonesia that we have not already said? Being for us one of the countries that have surprised us the most and we have liked the most, Indonesia is one of the most recommended Asian destinations.
As it is impossible to cover it in its entirety, we cannot forget that it has more than 17,000 islands, we recommend you focus on the ones you want to visit and based on that, determine how many days you need for each one.

In our trip to Indonesia we focused on Java, Borneo, Bali and Lombok, being in the country a total of 26 days in which we could see the most important and tourist places of each of them.

8. India

Taj Mahal in Agra

India, the country of eternal love-hate , and is that we do not know any traveler who has not had those two feelings when he talks about one of the most incredible countries in the world and also one of the toughest, at the level of travel, that we know .

We recommend an average of 3 weeks to make a trip to India and be able to know the most interesting and interesting cities and places of Rajasthan as well as finish the trip in the incredible city of Varanasi, the place where life and death go hand.

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9. China

great wall china

Considered by many as one of the most difficult Asian destinations to travel the language and some features of the country’s own culture, China is one of those destinations that we assure you, does not leave anyone indifferent.
With an almost unbeatable extension on a first trip, unless you have many days, if you want to visit the most touristic places, we recommend having about 3 weeks.
The most important thing in any trip to China by free is to plan the route well, since based on it you can cover more or less places.

We advise you on your first trip to introduce cities such as Beijing, Xi’an, Fenghuang, Guilin or Chengdu, from where in addition to knowing them; you will be able to enjoy its incredible surroundings in which you will find many of the most touristic attractions of China.

10. Singapore


Perfect fusion between modernity and tradition, Singapore is increasingly one of the Asian destinations chosen by travelers to spend their vacations.

In addition to being one of the most important ports in the world, traveling through Singapore is to stroll through Chinatown, stay with your mouth open in front of the Marina Bay Sands and of course, climb to the top floor, enjoy its skyline or get lost in Little India or the Arab Quarter, two of the most visited neighborhoods in the city.

And how could it be otherwise, also enjoy its cuisine, something that is part of any trip to any Asian destination.

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