Some Tips To Make Your Home Moving Easier And Secure


Moving homes is an inevitable part of our working lives. We outgrow our homes due to reasons of work, proximity to good schools or social amenities, or simply due to changes in family size, or composition.

Moving can be both exciting as well as nerve-wracking. You have to keep your expense low, yet at the same time ensure efficiency and protection of your home and its belongings. Here are a few tips that could make your experience trouble-free and memorable:

Contact your home insurance Calgary Ab broker a few days before the move:
Before the day of actual move, it is a good idea to contact your Home Insurance Calgary Ab broker to find out what sort of insurance protection you have, or will need during the move.

The coverage that you would need would be for your old home, your new home, and the household articles in transit, all at the same time. Importantly, if you have planned to keep your old home vacant but will be keeping some of your goods there in storage, then you have to inform your home insurance Calgary Ab broker about this in advance, as that will require special insurance

Take cover from your home insurance Calgary Ab broker for household articles in transit
Usually your existing home insurance policy will cover the household articles that are in transit, but just in case they are not covered, you would be required to purchase extra cover from the moving company. In such a situation, ensure that the extra cover is on a full replacement value basis. In some cases, insurers are able to transfer your policy from your old home to your new home seamlessly, making the transition stress-free for you.

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Don’t leave your home vacant, unless you have cover
The reason is that cover has limitations in case your home is vacant and would be void, in case your home has been vacant for over 30 days.

Is your new home a condo?
If yes, then ask your home insurance Calgary Ab broker on what upgrades have been made to your condo since the time of the first construction. Ensure that your cover includes all these upgrades, for example, hardwood floors that replaced carpets, or any renovations that were made in the kitchen.

The reason is because any upgrades in the condo would be the current owner’s responsibility, even if they were completed by the earlier owner of the condo. Keep an insurance limit that is sufficient to replace the upgrades based on today’s cost.

Prepare for the move systematically
Carry out these steps in advance to make your transition comfortable:
(i) Transfer your utility provider by switching the old address with the new address.
(ii) Open a new account in a bank located near your new home and transfer some funds into it.
(iii) Redirect your mail to your new address.

Assess the household articles that you would move

Make an assessment whether you need a moving company, or can you manage the move on your own:
(i) Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a mover. Although they are expensive, they are trained, efficient and insured.
(ii) In case you are doing the move yourself, then get packing supplies such as boxes, markers, scissors, and good, strong packing tape.
(iii) Either get rid of belongs that you don’t need, or donate them to a charity.
(iv) Pack your essential clothing items and toiletries into a suitcase and start living from it.
(v) Keep important papers and valuable items with you and keep delicate items, like house plants, separated from other heavy items.

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Choose the right mover
Seek referrals from friends and colleagues, or search on the internet for a decent mover. Seek quotes from them and arrange to meet them beforehand so that they can see your belongings and give you a thorough quote. Inform them of any obstacles in your new home, that could be narrow and hinder movement of furniture.

Making payments
Always get estimates in writing and include the name of the person to whom you spoke to. Ensure that price includes a “not to exceed…” clause. Finally, when everything is done to your satisfaction and completed, make the payment. As a rule, dot pay beforehand.

The above steps will ensure a smooth an easy move for you and your family.

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