Some Things to Look for in a 1.5 Ton AC Unit


Whatever your brand preferences are, and whatever your preferences are in internal temperature, there are a few universal things you should look for in a 1.5 ton AC unit. Truth be told, it has very little to do with the size of the unit, so you may as well call this list of things to look for applicable to just about any AC unit that you’re shopping for.

In the first place is the capacity that will dictate whether or not the unit is going to be able to handle the volume of air you will throw at it. Again, this will vary somewhat depending on the use to which you put the system. Some people keep it ice cold indoors all summer long and some people are more prone to opening the windows in defiance of all but the most oppressive days. Similarly, some environments will be more taxing on systems than others. For example, by most estimates, a 1.5 ton AC unit of the same exact specifications is going to work significantly harder in Ft. Myers, Florida than it would in Portland, Maine. Of course there are other factors at play here, but we trust you get the picture.

Understanding the specifics of an HVAC system is not something to which just anyone can lay claim. That’s why we have HVAC specialists and professionals who can audit your home and business and let you know what you need in a system, as well as what given systems will be practical for you or not.

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The other thing to look for is the efficiency rating. All things being equal, you will want to invest in the most efficient system that you can because in the long run that will keep you comfortable and save you money at the same time. In other words, the most efficient systems do not burn as much fuel as others might.

Another issue is the one of quality, but the problem is that quality takes on many facets, so rather than just calling it quality and a day, we’ll get a little more into what it means for heat and air conditioning systems to have quality.

One metric for quality is the energy efficiency rating, but there are many more. For example, look for an AC condenser that has evaporator coil protection and a durable, rugged cabinet. As it will be fighting the elements, the cabinet should be corrosion resistant and built to last. Things like powder coat paint finishes and galvanization are valuable, as are construction with a minimum of surface area and few screws. These things collect condensation and will accelerate the rate at which a unit will rust out.

You might also want to consider a system that has a blower motor that is variable speed and multi position. For example, many air handlers have blowers that are capable of providing for upflow downflow and two way horizontal flow.

Across the spectrum of quality, capacity and efficiency rating, there is still plenty of room for you to be picky about things like price and shipping. That’s why there are providers out there like Budget Air Supply, who have bundled all of these things up and offer them to their customers day in and day out. They sell some of the best heating and cooling systems from Goodman, Rheem and many other manufacturers on their website,, and they do so at excellent prices while still managing to offer free shipping. Don’t be fooled by the unseasonably cool temperatures – summer is hot on the way, so get in touch with one of their specialists now.

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