Some Shining Examples of HEKAS Cuckoo Clocks


To be considered a certified Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clock, a clock must meet certain requirements as prescribed by the Verein die Schwarzwalduhr (VdS), otherwise known as The Black Forest Clock Association. Among the requirements are those stating that the clock must be made exclusively in the Black Forest. The clock must also function mechanically without the assistance of batteries or electricity. These mechanical movements are assembled by hand and made almost entirely of brass. Interestingly enough, some cuckoo clocks of the past utilize wooden gears. Finally, all of the essential clock parts must be produced in the Black Forest excluding music boxes, which are typically produced in Switzerland, a country well known for making fine music boxes.

There are many noteworthy clockmakers building VdS Certified Authentic Clocks today, and one of the finest is HEKAS. Founded in 1938 by visionary Helmut Kammerer, HEKAS has been producing some of the best examples of authentic cuckoo clocks found anywhere in the world. These shining examples of devotion to fine craftsmanship and attention to detail clearly demonstrate the beauty and functionality of Hekas cuckoo clocks. Every clock produced by Hekas and the Kammerer family is placed on a test wall and thoroughly tested before it leaves the clock factory. In short, HEKAS cuckoo clocks are some of the most dependable, high-quality cuckoo clocks available on the market today. If their quality offerings interest you, read on for some great models to consider.

Bavarian Band 25” Cuckoo Clock

This wonderfully ornate 8 day cuckoo clock by HEKAS is a real gem just waiting to be discovered. With an amazing amount of detail just waiting to be discovered in its design, it is rather like a fine painting whose nuances will only be discovered the more the viewer becomes familiar with it. It showcases a Bavarian Band playing around a mill scene as merrymakers dance on the balcony above. Its scene is entirely replete with fine detail and painted by hand – the more time you spend enjoying the clock, the more details you will notice.

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Traditional 8 Day Oak Leaf Stag 17” Cuckoo Clock by HEKAS

This is another remarkable example of a traditional cuckoo clock by HEKAS, showcasing a regal stag above a scene of rural interest, couched among the verdure of oak leaves. This clock offers a somewhat lighter finish than the example above so that might be something to consider when deciding what best suits your taste and decor. Beneath the clock and above the pinecone weights hangs the hunter’s ammunition bag, and this is a great style to celebrate the rustic tradition of the chase without overstimulating the senses.

Choppers Cottage 14” Cuckoo Clock by HEKAS

If you’re interested in the more civil tones of a Chalet style cuckoo clock, then this model just might be for you. Whereas traditional clocks make the most of more natural themes, Chalet style clocks capitalize on scenes from village life, and The Chopper’s Cottage clock is no exception. This clock shows off a woodcutter engaged in his craft as his little canine companion waits nearby. Above him, dancers await the sounds of music that will come every half hour to catapult them into life. The entire scene is hand-painted and is one of the most detailed 1-day musical models in the Hekas collection.

If you like any of these options in HEKAS cuckoo clocks, be sure to check out the complete collection at Bavarian Clockworks. Take your time and browse their entire line of HEKAS cuckoo clocks to find the one that’s just perfect for your wall – you’re sure to be pleased!

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