Show Off Your Pride with Unicycle Jewelry


You’ve put the time and effort into learning to ride a unicycle and it’s unlike anything else. With a comparatively small ridership, those who have mastered the unicycle feel the bonds of kinship. Like all people who indulge in pursuits that are not mainstream, there is a strong sense of community among followers, and this is understandable. Likewise, there are lots of ways to express yourself and your interests even when they might not be readily apparent.

Check out some of the unicycle jewelry you can find for sale at They’re not just providers of unicycles and essential gear for training and riding. On their website, you can also find some cool pieces of jewelry to show off your personality and let the world know that you are a proud rider of the one-wheeler.

And you should let the world know. Your skill is rare, your discipline is rare, and when you finally key in on that sense of balance, you go chasing it the rest of your life. There are plenty of ways to creatively express yourself and your interests, and being in the saddle is only one of them.

You can find some really interesting and unique examples of unicycle jewelry at, too, and what’s better for a unicyclist than a unique piece of jewelry? Items like their Wired Unicycle Earrings are handmade in the USA and have unmistakable power of character. They also come in lots of different colors so you can coordinate with an outfit or a theme – or just pick out your favorite color. Also, being handmade, they have a little extra individuality that mass-produced goods just don’t have.

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You might also like their Unisex Unicycle Necklace which features a pendant in the likeness of a unicycle, handmade in copper wire. It’s even clear coated so it doesn’t tarnish and will keep its shine. Like their Wired Unicycle Earrings, it is also made here in America to an uncommon degree of aesthetic quality. Yet, quality though it is, don’t mount it. These unicycles are for looking at, not riding!

You can get a pair for yourself so you can show off your pride all the time, but they also make great gifts. Even if you are not a unicyclist,’s jewelry is a great way to give a personalized gift to someone who has mastered the skill. Any of their unicycle themed jewelry would make a very thoughtful gift for someone who takes a lot of pride and interest in riding.

Their jewelry is only a small part of their collection of unicycle themed gifts and accessories that would make equally great gifts – whether for yourself or to another rider. In addition to their jewelry, they also offer really unique cards, keychains, tools, and other accessories that you can use to make personalized gifts for any rider.

In the event that you are looking for something more pronounced out of which to make a gift for a proud unicyclist, check out the unicycle themed t-shirts that you can also find right on their website. They offer shirts, hoodies, and even socks with really fresh designs that are creative and original while serving as a reminder of your passion.

Visit today and take a look through their collection of unicycle jewelry and accessories. There’s a little bit of something for everyone on their website, and who knows – you might even find something that you can’t resist. What we covered here is only a brief introduction. There are lots of surprises waiting for you on their website.

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