Shopping for an Adult Baseball Bat


Shopping for an adult baseball bat in a lot of ways is fundamentally the same as shopping for a youth bat. The same qualities in a bat may no longer appeal to you in the way that they once did when you were younger, but at the same time, you will still need to look for the traits in a bat as well as for the materials and construction that work for your strengths, personal preference and skill set.

At the same time, you might no longer be looking for a bat that is forgiving since you will no longer be trying to figure out what your preferences are. As an adult, you have spent years learning about what type of performance, balance, and end-load that you desire in a bat, and don’t need to hit too many checkboxes as you would as a younger learner.

Since you know your strengths and weaknesses, shopping should be a lot more streamlined than it would be in shopping for a youth baseball bat. If you like the lightweight nature and high performance of a composite bat, then that is what you should shop for. By contrast, if you appreciate the performance and traditional feel of a wood baseball bat, then you should shop for that and save yourself time. If you like the balance between bat weight and strength, then you may prefer an aluminum alloy bat, and that is where you should start.

Taking it a step further, you’ll need to find the right certified bats for the leagues in which you play. It doesn’t matter too much if you are looking for a USA bat, a BBCOR baseball bat, or even an adult softball bat, if it’s a requirement for your league, you will need to find it.

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As an adult, you know your swing speed, and you know your preference in barrel diameter, balance, end-load, and where the sweet spot lies. You might still need to refer to a bat sizing chart from time to time to see if a bat is “categorically” sized appropriately for you, but most of the leg work has already been done.

Finally, as you shop for adult bats you should make sure that you look for a collection that has many options so much as we have covered in here as well as in terms of brand. The collection of bats that you decide to shop through should be well represented by Louisville Slugger, Easton, Rawlings, and many others. At the same time, if you came in search of a softball bat instead of a baseball bat, you should find a supplier who can set you up with all of that as well. On the same note, it doesn’t hurt if your supplier can fix you up with the other gear and equipment you need to be effective on the field, either.

Taking everything we have said here into consideration, you should make it a point to visit HB Sports at to shop for an adult baseball bat. With that in mind, you should shop at HB Sports anytime you need anything for the field, from baseball bats and softball bats to gloves, hats, sunglasses, balls, and more. They even have equipment bags on their website. Whatever you’re looking for, for training or a game, you can find it on their website. They offer bats for a variety of different purposes and pair them with some great prices and customer service as well. Check out their collection on their website, listed above, and if you want any more information on their products, or need some help making a selection, give their team a call at 1-888-540-BATS.

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