Selecting a Traditional Cuckoo Clock


If you’re thinking about decorating one of the rooms in your home with a cuckoo clock but you’ve not yet had a formal introduction to the world of German clockmaking, then you’re in for a treat. A cuckoo clock really is so much more than a mechanical wooden clock that chimes in the likeness of a cuckoo bird or plays pleasant traditional tunes.

Cuckoo clock making has storied history that, in truth, is so old that its origins are obscured by the mists of time. It is believed that the first cuckoo clockmakers from the Black Forest Region of southern Germany began making clocks in their spare time in the winter to help supplement their income and that the trade blossomed from those seeds. Whatever the case, today we have a range of cuckoo clocks that are sure to dazzle in any setting – and if they don’t, you can find a different style to fit the bill.

All of that having been taken into consideration, you may find yourself drawn to the rustic, bucolic charm of a traditional cuckoo clock, which category is similar to other cuckoo clocks but presents a few key differences.

A traditional cuckoo clock, in order to be a certified authentic Black Forest cuckoo clock, is similar to some other styles of clocks in that it must be made entirely by hand from wood in the Black Forest in Germany, and must contain a mechanical movement. Yet something to consider is that there are other styles of clocks that are also made by hand in the same region, so there are other key differentiators between traditional styles and other styles, like Chalet style clocks.

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Traditional cuckoo clocks, in addition to meeting these other criteria, are also characterized by their capitalization on natural themes. Traditional clocks typically showcase emblems of the chase such as possibles bags and muzzleloading rifles, as well as wildlife or other trophies of the hunt. In addition, it is common to see a traditional clock representing the theme of the woods, glens or mountains, and well arrayed in a garland of leaves or flowers. By contrast, some other styles of cuckoo clocks are more focused on city and civilian life, or even other themes, such as those represented by some modern clocks.

A traditional cuckoo clock can make a beautiful fit for many spaces that feature dark wooden furniture or other artistic features celebrating the rural pleasantries of the wild. If your home has a cozy, old-world feel, a traditional clock may be just the ticket, or the icing on the cake, as it were. If your home presents the feeling of a cabin or some similar rustic space, then a traditional cuckoo clock is equally fitting to the space.

Truthfully, the best way to evaluate the artistic merits of a clock is to do a little visual shopping and dive into the specifications of a given clock. If you want to learn a little more about cuckoo clocks and the different types and styles they represent, then you simply won’t be able to find a better resource than Bavarian Clockworks, operating from their website,

At the aptly named Bavarian Clockworks, you will find a portfolio that is absolutely laden with a peerless collection of cuckoo clocks – traditional chalet, modern, vintage and more, in many styles and themes. Among their collections, you will be able to find a timepiece for just about any setting, and if you are interested in traditional clocks there is no exception. Visit their site, take some time to investigate their collection of traditional cuckoo clocks, and see what speaks to you – and remember this; the team at Bavarian Clockworks has just about as much contemporary experience with German clocks as anyone else out there, so if you have questions please give them a call at 800-950-6753.

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