SaltBae50 has the Best Nicotine Salt E Liquid You Will Ever Vape


It’s sweet, it’s salty, it’s both at once; how can this be? SaltBae50 sells only the Best Nicotine Salt E Liquid that comes in many sweet and satisfying flavors. This is possible because SaltBae50 uses only the best technology to ensure that your vape experience is both salty and sweet. Nicotine salts are a different way to responsibly enjoy vaping and are just making its way to the e liquid and vape market. The nicotine salts give you a smoother hit using the higher concentration of nicotine and protecting your throat from the burn that comes with regular nicotine and tobacco. SaltBae50 salts only require a few hits to feel satisfied and we recommend taking it slow with your puffing. You can’t get more pure and refreshing than SaltBae50.

SaltBae50 wants to ease you into your vaping experience, which is why we provide a starter pack with individual bottles. We have over fourteen different flavors to make your vaping experience fit for your taste buds. Because salt nicotine uses less liquid at a higher power, we recommend puffing in sessions of 4-5 seconds so that you don’t overdo it on your first few hits. Despite being called salty, this experience is anything but. Our flavors are mostly sweet, fruity, fresh, and delicious. SaltBae50 has 15 different flavors you can choose from, each a unique and tasty experience. We take pride in our unique flavors, from Georgia Peach to Iced Honey Dew and many different fruit blends; our flavors are like nothing you’ve ever vaped before. We love our exotic flavors, and we know that you will too because our nic salt vape juices are some of the best nicotine salt e liquids you can find.

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In fact, nicotine salts last a lot longer than regular freebase nicotine e liquids you might see in other e juices. They also have a longer shelf life, so you can keep our nicotine salt e juices at your disposal for a longer time period. Now that it’s getting cold out, why not pretend you are hanging poolside in the summer sun while taking a big hit off your Blue Raspberry Lemonade nic salt e liquid? Or, act like you just took a big bite into a fresh watermelon with our Juicy Watermelon flavor. Maybe you’re ready to accept winter’s cold fate and vape with a more traditional flavor. In this case, give our Sweet Caramel Tobacco a hit, it will feel just like taking a puff of a full pipe next to a warm fireplace. All of our e juices come in a 30mL bottle at just $22.00, and you can choose between 25mg and 50mg of nicotine depending on your preferences.

Check our apparel, as well, so that the next time someone smells your sweet vapor, you can just point to your shirt. Our SaltBae50 logo shirt and SaltBae50 “Warning” tee are both fashionable and show off your loyalty to our salty brand for only $12. Buy one for yourself or as a gift for your vape enthusiast BFF.

Check out our various articles on which vape style is right for you, why salt vaping is the up and coming style of vaping, and how we plan to make it tasty and salty all for our customers. Our nic salts have never tasted so sweet, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to stop being so salty and give SaltBae50’s delicious, salty, sweet, fruity, and tangy nic salts a try. After all, we are trying to be the best nicotine salt e liquid suppliers you ever did vape.

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