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If you’re an avid vaper, you probably already know about the different types of e-liquid you can use for your vaporizer. You might have even already tried the different flavors available and now have a particular preference. Maybe you’ve been vaping for a while and are now looking to test out different options. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced vape user, Salt Nicotine is definitely worth a shot if you’re looking for an e-liquid that is stronger and smoother than standard e-liquids. Although vaping is so popular today and there are many places where you can get vape products and accessories, many manufacturers don’t have the ability or the resources to keep up with all of the latest vape products. SaltBae50 is one of the leading vape juice lines specializing in nicotine salts. We’re constantly adding new nicotine salt products to our website so you can try the latest products whenever you’d like.

Salt nicotine is becoming more and more popular among vapers for several reasons. Here is a short list of reasons why you might want to upgrade:

1. Stronger: It depends on what type of vape user you are, especially when it comes to how much nicotine you’d like in your e-liquid. Some users find that standard e-liquids don’t have as strong of a nicotine hit when compared to salt nicotine e-liquids. One of the reasons why many experienced vapers upgrade to salt nicotine is because the nicotine is stronger than most standard e-liquids.

2. Smoother: Many users who switch over to salt nicotine find that it provides a much smoother hit than standard e-liquids. Salt nicotine e-liquids typically aren’t as flavorful as standard e-liquids, so if you feel that your standard e-liquid tastes too strong or the flavoring seems too fake, salt nicotine might be a better option for your preferences. In addition, salt nicotine e-liquids produce vapor that is not as dense as standard e-liquids, so these might be a better option for you if you feel that standard e-liquid vapor is too heavy.

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3. Cost-effective: Your salt nicotine e-liquid supply will generally last a lot longer than standard e-liquids do, too. Since salt nicotine e-liquids have a stronger hit of nicotine than standard e-liquids, it’s likely that you won’t use as much of your salt nicotine e-liquid as you would with a standard e-liquid. Since you’re not using as much of your salt nicotine e-liquid, your supply will last longer and you won’t have to restock your e-liquids as quickly as you used to.

While the choice is completely up to you, we hope that you’ll feel more comfortable next time you’re debating whether or not you should try nic salts. If you do decide to try nic salts, it is important that you know which vape system works best with that type of e-liquid. Since nic salts were made for getting a stronger hit from a smaller, portable device, it is recommended to use a pod system or a low power system. High power systems, like a sub-ohm tank, are not recommended to be used with nic salt e-liquids.

Whether you are looking for some variety in nic salt e-liquids and the flavors or brands they come in, SaltBae50 has tons of options for nic salt products including flavors like Strawberry Kiwi, Green Apple, and Sweet Caramel. We also have a starter pack available for those who are just starting out with nicotine salts. If you’re still undecided about nic salts or have any general questions, feel free to visit us online at, call us at 603-943-8295 or email us at [email protected]

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