Safety tips you must not ignore during your Amazon River Cruise


Amazon River cruise is so unlike other kinds of adventures, voyages, trips and sightseeing packages. What you will experience on any Amazon River cruise package will be so unique and highly interesting that can sustain the thrill, surprises and involvement you will feel throughout. While Amazon River Cruise will be a memorable experience for you, you need to keep some precautions in your mind so that you do not invite any unpleasant experiences on the move. Here are a few important safety tips to bear in mind during your Amazon Cruising expedition.

Update your vaccines

Much before the start date of your cruise, take all the efforts to update your vaccines. The infrastructure in South America is not developed. Your exposure to wet climate and disease carrying insects combined with the possibility of consuming contaminated food and water can increase the chances of getting sick. It is always good to talk to a healthcare specialist who can give you the right advice on updating the vaccines before heading out with your trip.

Never lose sight of your guide and group

It is highly advised that you stay close to your guide and the travel group. While you are exploring the jungles, you might confront some dangerous animal species. Carrying a safety whistle with you can help you if you have to get separated from your group.

Never move closer to wildlife

During your journey into the jungles, it is very natural that you will see some animals and plants that you had never known to exist on this earth. Though many of them can be fascinating, it is highly unsafe to touch or approach them. Some poisonous creatures might strike you during an unexpected moment. While seeing you approach them, some animals can be triggered to exercise their defense mechanism. Do not forget that plants can also be poisonous. When you wish to touch a new plant or approach an animal, take the permission of your guide.

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Take precautions if you are prone to motion sickness

If you are prone to motion sickness, you need to take extra precaution during your Amazon River Cruise. Though the River boats will move slowly, it is good to carry some pills with you. Make it a point to carry a realistic supply of medicines during your trip. Some medicines might be hard to find in the pharmacies of South America. So, it is good to carry enough medicines that can last till you complete your trip.

General safety tip regarding South America

Before or after your Amazon Cruise, it is most likely that you will move through some other cities of South America. Though the South Americans are rated high among the friendliest population on the earth, crimes are not unlikely in some cities. Do not parade your expensive jewels in the public. Never show off your costly items like cellphones and cameras openly. Always keep an eye on your backpack and keep it close to you.

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