Repairing Damaged Mobile Phone: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


Damaged mobile phones can be a huge headache. Wondering where to go for repairing the damages and which option would be the most viable can leave many of us confused.

Is fixing the phone on your own by purchasing mobile phone parts wholesale supplier, can work for you? Or going to a local repair shop is gonna solve the problem? What would be the overall cost for the repair services? Find out everything essential that you need to know about repairing mobile phone damage.

Keep reading till the end and learn what works best for you.

The Average Cost for Mobile Phone Repairing

Well, nothing fixed can be said about the cost for mobile phone repairs. There are a number of factors that influence the overall repair cost for smartphones. Some of the factors that impacts the repair cost are –

The Kind of Repair Mobile Phone Needs

The cost of repair for external damages such as mobile phone screen or damaged buttons can be cheaper compared to internal damages. However, if the external damaged parts require replacement then the cost will be incurred as per the new replacement parts and the services to replace them.

On average, the cost for screen or battery replacement along with button repairs may be around $100 to $300 excluding the varying service charges. The repairing cost may rise high if your mobile phone has other damages.

The Kind of Mobile Phone You Have

The older versions or models may be cheaper to fix than the newer ones. Also, you will notice there are different repair charges for Androids, Windows, iPhones, etc.

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Ask the repair company for an estimated repair price before you submit the mobile phone for fixing. Estimated repair charges will allow you to set your budget.

Water-damage Mobile Phone Repair

Similar to any other damages, the total cost of repair for water-damaged mobile phones varies drastically. However, the extent of water damage greatly influences the overall repair price.

Many local repair shops can offer you free inspection of the mobile phone to learn about the extent of water damage. Post inspection they will give you a diagnostic result stating if there is a scope for a fix or not and how much would it cost you for the repair.

However, there can be an unfortunate happening if your mobile phone has suffered water damage. Since not all water-damaged issues can be seen right away. Some issues may occur even after the repair is done.

Water damages are critical repair work that may cost you more than you thought of in the first place. Therefore, be prepared with the expenses as you may end up paying more for such damage.

Cracked Screen Repairing for Mobile Phones

Probably the most common mobile phone damage. A major impact can cause mobile phone screen cracks and the repair for such damage is available abundantly. However, with many repair options consumers might feel overwhelmed to make a choice.

Some of the common repair options that you can choose for cracked mobile phone screen are –

Manufacturer Repair

You can take your cracked screen mobile phone for repair to the mobile phone’s manufacturing center. If you have a warranty period and the damages come under the warranty coverage then you can get your phone repaired at no price.

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If the warranty period has expired then you have to pay the repair charges as per the manufacturing company’s set price range. But you can be assured that authentic replacement parts will be installed if you take your phone to the manufacturer repair center.

Third-party Repair

Another option that you have for repairing your cracked screen is to take it to a third-party repair shop. However, make sure to research about the shop or go to a shop that you trust.

The advantage of going to such repair shops is that they can fix your phone within a few hours and that too at minimal price. But the efficiency of repair services may not be as impressive as the manufacturing company’s repair.

Damage to mobile phones can happen with anyone and to know everything about repair procedure, options and cost is important.

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