Pros and Cons of Gas Furnaces


Owning a gas furnace can be one of the most efficient ways to heat your home for the winter. But is it the best option for you?

Different models of gas furnaces for sale come with very different features, energy efficiency, and how effective they really are. Today, we will look at the pros of different gas furnace types.

Single Stage Furnace – This is typically the standard gas furnace. Note that it only operates at maximum heat, meaning that it only allows for high heat when the gas valve is open and no heat when closed. These units are typically 80 to 85 percent efficient and can be more electrically efficient if the model you choose comes with a multi-speed blower motor. The pros to this are fairly simple: it is the least expensive option, provides maximum heating and is good for areas where cold temperatures are regular in winter. The cons are that there is just one setting and no middle setting, it can consume a lot of energy and doesn’t work well for people living in areas where the temperature can be milder.

Two-Stage Furnace – A step up from the Single Stage Furnace, a Two-Stage Furnace will have multiple heat output settings that can adjust the gas valve. These units are typically 96 percent efficient and come with a multi-speed blower or a variable speed ECM motor that can make it more energy efficient and keep the temperature level consistent. This is a good unit for someone looking for lower energy costs from a moderately priced furnace. The pros are that it has multiple heat outputs, a middle setting that can distribute more heat and run for longer periods, regulates temperature better than the standard Single Stage unit, and is a lower energy model. The only downside to this unit is that there are only two settings, one for medium and one for high.

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Modulating Furnace – This Gas Furnace For Sale has a modulating gas valve that can distribute more precise heat outputs. The time for adjustment is minimal and stays close to the temperature set by your thermostat. This type of furnace is up to 98 percent efficient and comes with a variable speed ECM motor that can aid in energy efficiency. It is easily the most expensive of the three furnace types, but it is also a better long-term investment for better energy efficiency. The pros are that the furnace can run longer and distribute even more heat, has multiple heat outputs, a variable speed blower, can adjust to any temperature, and is the most energy efficient. The con is the price, but again, if you can overlook the price for the amount you could save in energy bills, it may be worth your while.

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