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We have arrived in the dog days of August. Independence Day is suddenly, somehow a month behind us, and Labor Day is quickly approaching us in the month ahead. As we contemplate this time of year, we have so much to consider in terms of our fellow Americans. There is no time like the present to make supporting American companies a priority. There are so many other gear companies out there that discreetly cut corners by manufacturing their products with cheap materials and questionable quality control. While these brands may offer an unbeatable price, their products are almost always lacking. Here at STNGR USA, we personally feel that it is our responsibility to use premium materials to make premium products and sell those products at a radically fair price.

HWK M-Lok Free Float Handguard 10" - AR15/M4

Our American-made Ar 15 Handgaurds are designed to perform to the highest degree and enhance your already-present skills for increased accuracy and precision. The free float design of our handguards avoids barrel warping, thus increasing your accuracy and enhancing your overall performance. Your hand is also further protected, as you avoid direct contact with the barrel and prevent any discomfort or harm from the barrel’s heat. This makes your experience more comfortable, as well as more accurate.
These benefits offered by our gear, however, won’t break the bank. In tandem with our goal of providing American-Made merchandise is our goal of providing honestly priced equipment. This is not to be confused with “cheap” or “bargain” gear; that is not the case, as our products are of top-notch materials and high-quality manufacturing. Instead, we provide honest, fair prices for our fellow outdoor enthusiasts by cutting out the middleman and opting-out of the retailer hassle. Rather than selling our products through a third-party, which typically ensures increased advertising, commercial-store presence, and commercial website presence, we chose to sell our gear directly to our customers, free of the increased prices that are associated with retailer fees. We are happy to offer a more honest and simple financial option, without making customers essentially pay for our third-party representation. For us, this company isn’t simply about turning a profit – it’s about quality handguards and other equipment that can enhance the experience of those who enjoy the outdoors just like we do!

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If you’re looking for M-Lok handguards, we have you covered. Our M-Lok handguards feature a slot system for bi-directional application of accessories to your handguard, allowing them to attach to either the front or rear of the slot.

If Keymod handguards are more your thing, we can provide, we’ve got you covered there as well. Our Keymod AR 15 handguards feature essential “keyholes” that allow accessories to slide into the keyholes and attach by simply screwing them into place on the rear, narrower section of the Keymod.

Since our company’s inception, we have been so grateful for the incredible clientele that has allowed us to further our goal and help our business grow. Whether you are new to the firearm experience or you are a seasoned veteran, we are so grateful for all of our customers, and we appreciate the sense of community we have gained through the building of our SWARM family. We view ourselves as a united front across this beloved country and we strive to continue to provide the best customer service and the most honest prices for our quality gear. We are proud of the many consistent positive reviews we have received from satisfied customers, and if for some reason you are not fully satisfied, we would like to hear from you, so we can do what we can to guarantee your satisfaction. We are a people-first company and you can trust that we will respond to you promptly! Please reach out to us today and we’ll be happy to help you find the AR parts of your dreams!

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