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Shooting is a skill, an art, and a science. At STNGR USA, we have the utmost respect for guns and for others in our SWARM community who practice responsible gun ownership. When you purchased your first AR 15 rifle, you began a journey in the sport of shooting. Every gun owner goes through a unique process of learning the skills, acquiring knowledge of various guns and how they perform, honing in on personal techniques and preferences, and growing in your capacity as a gun owner. Part of that growth and progress involves the maintenance, care, and building up of your gun. With the right gear and accessories, you can really increase the efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance of your gun and of yourself as a shooter. STNGR USA is here to provide you with the absolute best in Ar Handguard Free Float, mounts, barrel nuts, and more. Give your rifle the love it deserves by equipping it with the finest in American-made handguards and accessories. Our products promise durability, longevity, and excellence in performance. Check out what we have to offer!

Free Float Handguards
Our free float handguards are a game-changer when it comes to precision and accuracy. These differ from past traditional handguards in that they essentially float above the barrel rather than directly contacting it. The positive results of this design are that your hand is spared from any direct contact with the heat from the barrel; the barrel itself is spared from any interfering contact with the handguard, which can alter the trajectory of your shot and affect your accuracy.

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With the free float style, your handguard does not touch the barrel, so you eliminate the risk of misdirecting your aim. Accuracy of a shot is arguably the most essential goal when shooting, so we felt that providing a handguard that can only improve accuracy was an important goal for us as a company. We offer both M-Lok and Keymod rail free float, with various lengths including 7”/8”, 10”, 13.5”, and 15” for both styles. Our handguards feature easy installation and are crafted with lightweight, American-made aluminum. This premium aluminum is incredibly durable and rugged, but it won’t drag you down with excessive weight, allowing for increased endurance during shooting excursions. Both the M-Lok and Keymod AR handguard free float varieties can accommodate accessories easily and comfortably.

Mounts, Gas Blocks, and Barrel Nuts
We provide long-lasting gas blocks built from high-quality steel. These premium gas blocks can fit easily underneath any handguard, making them incredibly compatible and versatile for your needs. Our barrel nuts, also constructed with high grade steel, are very durable and will maintain through consistent, extended usage. Our M-Lok mounts are offered in both sling and bi-pod varieties, depending upon your preference. Both styles feature a snag-free design with rounded edges for your convenience.

We strive for excellence in not just our vast inventory of merchandise, but also in our customer service and support. If you are for some reason less than satisfied with your products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] We appreciate all questions, concerns, and feedback from our SWARM. We will work with you to ensure your satisfaction with our gear. Since our company’s humble inception, we have been happy and proud to receive many glowing reviews from our growing community of customers. We encourage you to read some of these reviews so you can get an idea of what you can expect from STNGR USA, from the perspective of fellow outdoor enthusiasts like yourselves. We look forward to having you join our SWARM!

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