Pick up Your Next 100 ft Drain Snake at Duracable


What piece of equipment has to work harder than a drain snake? Drain snakes have to put up with some of the worst conditions on any job, bar none. Of course, it’s still just a piece of equipment, but it really should put it into perspective for how tough, say, a 100 Ft Drain Snake needs to be.

Drain snakes need to be able to work in very hot and very cold conditions, depending on the environments they’re servicing They need to put up with freezing temperatures in city streets and hot conditions in industrial lines. They need to be sensitive enough to remove residential blockages like hair, and powerful enough to chop through tough tree roots. Naturally, you wouldn’t use the same drain snake for each job, but a drain snake gets the job done nonetheless.

Drain snakes need to be able to cut through obstacles that can subject them to immense torsion and tension at the same time. They need to be flexible, hard and strong enough to put up with navigating the tight recesses of plumbing lines while still being able to power through drain obstructions. Therefore, drain snakes need to be extremely tough. So where can you get the toughest of the tough, whether you need a 100 ft drain snake or a custom length?

At Duracable.com, you can find the toughest of the drain snakes available just about anywhere. They offer not only drain snakes in standard sizes from 37 to 150 feet but in custom lengths as well. They also offer drain snakes as small as ¼ inch for working through the smallest residential lines all the way out to ¾ of an inch for powering through the toughest obstructions.

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But just what makes their cables so tough? Their processes and their quality control are second to none, end of story. When they create a batch of cable, every since one is tested at multiple stages throughout their production process to ensure hardness, flexibility, and strength. If they find a failure in any piece in any batch, the whole batch gets tossed. Good enough is not good enough for the folks at Duracable.

On top of their stellar quality control, they go to extra lengths to ensure that their products arrive in top condition. They even take the pains to ship their drain cables in a proprietary carton that not only protects their cables in transit but facilitates loading and unloading them onto the reel of a drain machine.

On that note, Duracable isn’t just a purveyor of drain cleaning cables, despite the name. Visit their site for a 100 ft drain snake, stay for everything, or so the saying goes. They also happen to offer some of the toughest sink, sled and upright drain machines out there as well, and their own drain cleaning machines are guaranteed for 2 years, which is a serious guarantee, given the rigors of the drain cleaning business. Visit Duracable.com and you can find the drain snakes and drain machines you need, on top of other essentials like blades, camera inspection equipment and drain treatment products. Check them out today, they’ll probably be the last drain snakes you’ll ever need to find.

For more information about Drain Machine and 50 Ft Drain Snake Please visit : Duracable Manufacturing.

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