Order The Wholesale Vape Supplies That Your Shop Needs


When it comes to the vape business, trends are constantly changing. If you want your shop to stay ahead of the latest trends, you need a wholesale supplier that is constantly looking for the latest and greatest products for you. Here at Kingdom Vapor, we offer only the best Wholesale Vape Supplies so your customers can buy from you with confidence. We are also happy to work with businesses to make sure that you never need to order more than you need.

One common issue vape shop owners face is the minimum order quantities many wholesalers require. Having to order products by the case might not be an issue if you know that the items in question will be flying off your shelves, but it can pose a real challenge when it comes to selecting new products to carry. Instead of having to roll the dice on every new item you decide to add to your inventory, our lack of minimum order quantities makes testing out new products in your shop an easy process.

You never know what vape product is going to be the next big thing and which are going to flop. Because these facts are impossible to know for certain, sometimes you just have to test your market. Our ordering process makes it easy to purchase smaller quantities of new products so you can see how they sell before you commit to larger orders of wholesale vape supplies. Our system also makes it easy to special order products for your discerning customers who want a specific item that you might not normally carry.

In addition to making it easier for our customers to order the products they need, we are also constantly researching the industry to make sure we can offer you the best new vapor products. We know the risks that come with trying out new products, which is why we make sure everything on our site has been tested by a member of our staff.

Luckily, because every member of the Kingdom Vapor team is passionate about vaping, we are able to have every new product tested by an expert. If a product does not get the green light from our team, we don’t want you to offer that subpar product to your customers. You can rest assured that when you order from us, you are only going to get the finest wholesale vape supplies.

We also offer more than just vapor products. Sure, we have mods, kits, atomizers, parts, e-liquids, and all of the other vaping supplies you need, but we also carry a selection of “smoke shop” options. Our inventory includes CBD products, rolling papers, pipes, and other popular smoking accessories. There is definitely a shared market between the smoke shop and vape industry, so offering these items in your shop will be a great way to increase your sales. These items may also bring in new customers who are not interested in vaping.

If you are interested in finding the best products for your shop without the headache of dealing with MOQs and other irritating wholesale practices, pay us a visit. At Kingdom Vapor, we are here to make the process of placing your wholesale vape supplies order as simple as possible. Create an account with us and start exploring all of our amazing deals on the products your shop needs. If you have any questions about our ordering process or anything in our inventory, a member of our team will be happy to help. You can reach us at 1-814-297-8240 or info@KingdomVapor.com.

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