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Boho beach clothes might not be the first thing you think of when you think of boho fashion. You may as well be more likely to think of jumpers and rompers, dresses with floral or animal prints that have interesting and nonconformist cuts or some piece of clothing that doesn’t fit neatly into another school of design easily. Even so, and although beachwear might not fall into the same echelon of your discretion as boho fashion, check out these selections from Boho Pink before you make up your mind on that matter.

We’ll start you off easy with a piece that could just as easily be beachwear as poolside wear or boardwalk wear. Check out the Frankie Burgundy Front Tie Jumpsuit you can find on their website. This jumpsuit would be equally at home on the boardwalk or by the pool as it would at the beach, but make no mistake about it, it would be in its element in the sand. It’s open, loose and fluid which is perfect for inviting in the summer breezes to keep you cool, and even better to prevent you from being bogged down with sand. Who cares that it’s darker than most summer clothing? This is boho, after all, the iconoclastic school of fashion that breaks convention. If we check too many familiar boxes we’ll be straying back into the uncomfortable realm of the all-too-familiar. As to its burgundy spirit, make it a dress for a nighttime trip to the beach when color doesn’t matter as much – it has enough natural light of its own.

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How about their Party All The Time Neon Coral Tank? This tank top in coral is colored and cut perfectly for a trip to the beach. Tropical but not too light of hue, this top is ideal for the beach and can be used on its own or made a part of a coverup. It’s also light and airy which makes it perfect for summer weather, with or without a bathing suit. It’s another one of those tops that can be worn near or on the beach and would do fine in either scenario.

Maybe the beachiest of all is their Krissy Blue Floral Print Smocked Strapless Skort Dress, which is practically a bathing suit in its own right. It has every beachy box checked right out of the gate. It’s the perfect, light, summery color, it’s frilly and fluid and it’s cut just right for hot summer temps. You could use it as a coverup or just wear it to the beach and you’d never miss the bikini anyway. Besides, this dress is just meant for the summer weather, whether you wear it to the beach or a pool party. It’s a flexible option to add to your wardrobe regardless.

One more note before we close – don’t miss their Flying Tomato Royal Blue Paisley Print Bikini, which by definition is intended for the beach. It also has covered all of the ground you’d probably like to see in boho clothing. Traditionally a bikini like this would probably swap out the blue hues for light browns or sunset colors or verdure, but in this case, since it’s a bathing suit, the blue works elegantly and effectively. Plus, it has the pattern covered – that floral-esque design screams bohemian.

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These are only a couple of examples of the boho beach clothes you’ll find when you visit Boho Pink’s site, Don’t miss an opportunity to see what they have in store because their collections are always changing. They keep things fresh for their customers by being on a constant lookout for new boho fashion, so what’s there today might be gone tomorrow. Then again, that means there might be a new surprise waiting for you by next week.

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