More Than Airsoft Guns: Other Essentials of the Sport


Airsoft guns probably take all of the glory when it comes to the sport of airsoft. Very rarely does anyone get really gassed about a particular attachment, a type of magazine, a brand of BBs, or other supporting gear. Yet airsoft is about tactics, strategy, and cooperation, and the gear you use in play, much like the people you engage with, must work together for success.

A G&G Raider is one heck of an electric airsoft gun, and there are some really fine replica Glock 19 gas blowback pistols, but without the right battery power or good charge of green gas, they’re both useless. Without a vest to help you carry spare loaded mags, you’ll be helpless when you run dry. Without a good shovel to help you dig a trench into a defensive position in a MilSim match, you’ll be at a disadvantage. As you can see, there is more to airsoft than airsoft guns; they deserve credit, but so to the supporting roles.


Attachments arguably make the most palpable difference when it comes to your performance during a match. Each player can weigh in on this matter separately, but there are times when an attachment can make a huge difference.

Consider the fact that some matches take place in dark locations or other areas with limited visibility. Lights and lasers can make a huge impact on your ability to acquire a target. At the same time, whenever you need to reach out over long distances or perform reconnaissance, a scope can save your skin.

There are other attachments besides these – plenty – but you get the point.

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Spare Parts

When you lose a part for your airsoft gun or a part breaks, you need to replace it or your gun is not going to be of much use to you. Whether you need a new spring or a latch or a pin or even a new barrel, it’s important to have that in reserve so that you can make the replacement as soon as possible. Not that you should necessarily carry those things in the field or during a match, but they are an inescapable component of success.

Tactical Equipment

Then, of course, there is all of the supporting tactical equipment that can give a team a decided advantage during a match. It’s difficult to define it succinctly, but there are a lot of things you probably won’t want to go without during a match; all the more if it is a MilSim engagement that is going to take place over several days in the near wilderness in possibly harsh conditions.

There are the tools you will need to create shelter or defensive structures. Shovels, knives, picks, and the like are all great tools that you can add to your pack or your vest. Admittedly, you might not want the added weight of a shovel or an entrenching tool, but there are times when the extra utility will be necessary.

Then there are fire-making supplies, camp equipment, food preparation tools, and cookware, binoculars, canteens, and many other accessories that can make your life more comfortable, or less, on the airsoft field. Just what you want to carry is up to you, but if you plan wisely it will be worth it in the end.

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