Mazda Parkway: Rotating Power for you as well as 25 of your best friends


One of the initial posts we posted right here on Grandjdm (visit Japanesenostalgiccar now >>>) was a quick piece on some of the more strange rotary-engined concoctions that Mazda prepared in its very early years (here).

Suzuki Escudo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThe most unanticipated one was obviously the 13B engined Parkway 26. Currently 26 does not mean that it has 2 13B engines, although it possibly requires 2 since it’s a large, 2750kg 26 seater bus. Sadly, it just has one rotary engine, the bad pollutionised REAPS 135hp 13B struggled to power it to a full throttle of 125km/h (no word on how much time it might require to get there). Mind you, 2 13Bs would have been a great begin, given that the Parkway considers as long as an RX3 Savanna … lugging a trailer with 2 more RX3 Savannas on it. Tons it up with 25 of your friends and you can add yet another two RX3s to that theoretical trailer (however look on the silver lining … possibly they’ll spring for gas).

We located some more photos of this peculiarity in a current issue of J’s Tipo magazine, including some indoor shots.

One thing’s without a doubt, and also this fool is RARE. Mazda only made 44 of the important things (no large shock as to why) between 1974 and 1977. A curiosity is that the Rotary Parkway is in fact piston-powered. Well, type of. A 1000cc piston engine stays in the rear of the bus, to power the significant a/c system. Toyota had a comparable system on their Rollercoaster buses of the same era, which had modified variations of the old Sports 800 (post right here) level double in the back to power their a/c system.

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Twin gas flaps open. Now there’s a sight you’ll be seeing quite often Old-fashioned rotaryholics will certainly know that being an early pollution electric motor with the thermal activator, gas consumption will be truly rather legendary anyhow as well as will possibly make rather short work of the 140L gas ability. This specific Parkway belongs to Okura Auto