Looking To Upgrade Your Jeep Lights?


Jeeps have a long history of being the car of choice for anyone who enjoys the freedom of being able to drive on and off the road. These rugged vehicles were born from the four wheel drive reconnaissance vehicles. These cars were built to be versatile and dependable, a tradition that lives on in modern Jeeps. Because of the huge following these cars have gained, Jeep owners go to great lengths to make sure that their Jeeps can stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to upgrade your Jeep, new Jeep lights are a great place to start.

There are a number of lighting upgrades available to Jeep owners. This includes bulb upgrades as well as the addition of auxiliary lighting including spotlights, light bars, and other simple upgrades. Many of these lighting upgrades are easy to install and will provide significantly more power than OEM halogen bulbs.

For decades, most vehicles on the market have used halogen bulbs to provide light. These bulbs operate using a glowing tungsten filament just like home incandescent light bulbs. By encasing this filament in a pocket of halogen gas, the bulbs are able to last about twice as long as a conventional bulb. Modern lighting upgrades use LEDs instead of these outdated halogen bulbs.

LEDs produce light using a specially designed semiconductor diode. This material absorbs electrons and gives off light in a manner that is far more efficient than any other light producing technology. As a result, your new LED Jeep lights will be able to produce more light, use less power, and last significantly longer than other bulbs on the market.

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The most common LED upgrades for jeeps are LED light bars and light pods. Both of these auxiliary lighting options produce an extremely bright light output that can help illuminate a worksite, campsite, or the trail ahead of you when you take your Jeep off road. If you want to find the best off road LED lights for your Jeep, check out the Stage Series Light Bars and Pods from Diode Dynamics.

Diode Dynamics is an American manufacturer of high quality LED lighting. Their light bars come in sizes ranging from 6 inches to a massive 50 inch option. Each of their light bars use optically focused Total Internal Reflection lenses that collect every bit of lights that their LEDs produce and focus it right where you need it. Just one of their 6 inch Stage Series Light Bars has enough power to outshine many of the generic 30 inch light bar models sold on sites like eBay.

In addition to their powerful light bars, Diode Dynamics also produces 3 inch SS3 LED Light Pods. These compact pods can be mounted virtually anywhere on your Jeep and they can illuminate objects up at a half mile away. Both their light bars and light pods feature replaceable optics that allow you to choose the beam pattern that your lights produce. You can also find Jeep specific mounting kits that make installation quick and easy.

This includes kits that use their light pods to replace your factory fog lights and several kits that use existing mounting points to help you mount their light bars in several convenient locations on popular models like the Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator.

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So if you are looking for an upgrade to your Jeep lights, pay Diode Dynamics at visit. All of their off road lights come with an 8 year warranty and they have been tested to ensure that they can stand up to even the toughest conditions. If you have any questions about their lights, you can reach out to a member of their team by calling 314-205-3033 or send an email to [email protected]

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