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The lobby makes that all-important first impression on visitors to the office. While business owners will spend a lot of time and effort getting the décor and ambiance right, will office lobby signs receive the thought? Actually, yes! In Orlando, business owners have discovered the considerable potential of lobby signage to uplift the ambiance and set the stage for a favorable meeting.

Eye-catching custom lobby signs allow businesses to speak to visitors, helping strengthen that all-important sales funnel. Keep reading to discover how different office reception signage and murals will create a more memorable experience for visitors and positively affect your bottom line.

Three-Dimensional Lettering and Channel Letters

Some of the most popular signs for lobbies are three-dimensional letters and channel letter signs. They are customizable and can be closely suited to your business and industry. These signs are distinctive, confidently proclaiming the space as your own. Channel letters go one step further, incorporating a number of lighting effects to enhance appeal further.

Lighted Lobby Signs

Illuminated office lobby signs have become more common as the cost of operating LED lighting has reduced considerably. Lighted signs are a great way to draw attention, especially in lobbies that incorporate a more ‘mood lighting’ aesthetic. At Visual Signs, we work with business owners to design custom lighting configurations that complement their existing lighting.

Wall Murals

Wall murals are a great way to bring interactive flair to a new design or completely revamp an existing lobby. Think of wall murals as office artwork – that is less expensive than traditional painting and a lot more eye-catching. Murals can recreate any design; we also custom-cut murals to fit any space. A genuinely engaging experience incorporates interactive elements like doors, windows, and other real objects into the design.

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Customized Wayfinding and ADA Signage

Can essential signs like Exit signs, No Smoking signs, Social Distancing signs, reminders to wear a mask, and washroom signage make space feel any more special? Since so many businesses rely on standard signage, people notice if a company has gone the extra mile to design custom lobby signs. In particular, prominent ADA signage makes a bold statement of the business’s ethos, that it cares for the safety and comfort of all its visitors. The CDC reports over 12 million people over 40 have vision impairment in the United States. That’s a large section of the market you cannot afford to ignore.

We are helping correct misconceptions all ADA signs must look the same. Talk to us to design custom, easy-to-read signs.

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Are you looking for eye-catching office reception signage with which to greet visitors in the lobby? At Visual Signs, we are working with businesses across Orlando to make their reception areas stand out with exceptional lobby signs.

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