It’s Time To Upgrade To Our F150 LED Headlights


When you notice a headlight has gone out on your Ford F150, it’s a good time to consider upgrading to a better lighting system. Stock halogen bulbs tend to fail close to each other, due to their set lifespan, so once you have lost one it’s just a matter of time till your other light goes. Your headlights are what keep you and your passengers safe at night and upgrading to F150 LED headlights is a simple way to keep your lights shining brighter for longer than an OEM halogen bulb replacement.

Here at Diode Dynamics, we are dedicated to producing top of the line LED lighting for cars and trucks. Unlike the majority of our competition, we do not simply import bulbs from overseas and slap our logo on them. Instead, we engineer, test, and manufacture many of our products, including our LED headlight bulbs, in our facility in St. Louis. This gives us the ability to focus on our products’ performance and ensure a level of quality control so our lights will work better and last longer than others on the market.

When you install our F150 LED headlights in your truck, you get a dramatic increase in light output without having to jump through hoops. We engineered our SL1 LED headlights to have a simple plug and play design. Our LED lights feature a precise fitment so they can go into your truck with no modification needed to the dustcap or housing. Simply replace your old bulb with our LED bulb and attach the connector to the factory headlight socket. Ensure the bulb is aligned correctly and enjoy the increased light output our LEDs offer.

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We have engineered our lights to not only be bright but to use your headlight’s reflectors in the same way as your original bulb’s filament. This ensures that your lights will be focused just like the factory bulb with a central hotspot rather than just creating a blob of bright light shining down the road or glare.

Our bulbs don’t only provide superior light when compared to a stock halogen, they will also outlast them. Your standard halogen OEM bulb has a lifespan ranging roughly 500 to 1000 hours. You might not drive every day or need to drive at night often so let’s say you require an average of 2 hours of headlight usage per day. That’s 730 hours of headlight usage per year. This means that you will be burning through a pair of headlights nearly every year.

Every part of our Diode Dynamics SL1 headlights was designed to ensure a long lifespan of over 40,000 hours.. The fact that 10,000 hours is a conservative estimate for LED headlight lifespan means the same average 2 hours of headlight usage per day would take over 10 years to wear out a pair of LED headlight bulbs.

If it’s time to replace your F150’s headlights, consider making it your last headlight change for awhile with a pair of our LED headlight bulbs. You’ll be amazed by the increased output and long lifespan of our F150 LED headlights. To learn more about our high performance LED lighting products, visit our website today.

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