Is Social Media the Newest Vogue for Online Business Endeavours?


Do you know the number of active Facebook users all over the world? Let me tell the count is almost overwhelming at over 4 billion.

With this number of people browsing through it, along with the Instagram and Twitter users, the opportunity for revenue is insurmountable.

And this is why social media is taking over the world. Every business owner realizes its importance from the smallest startup to the biggest Multinational.

Think of a big brand, it can be from any field or country, and once you have thought it, search the same on any social media platform, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. I can guarantee you will find one that is their official handle and then many that are for their products and fan base.

Bank of England, Nike, Charlotte Tilbury, and Coca Cola, all four are from vastly different industries. However, they will have social media handles.

Benefits of Social Media

This is a platform that offers a bucket load of advantages to the businessman.

Increased Exposure

With social media, you can make the world know of your presence and, capitalize on the giant number of audiences of the same. Instagram is operational in almost all 195 countries in the world, except North Korea.

More Profits

Even if you succeed at the minutest level of harnessing the exposure, you will still have more profits than any other online business. These profits would ensure that debt consolidation loans for bad credit from direct lenders are not something you need to worry about ever.

Minimal Cost of Set-Up

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For the up and coming business, who does not have the expertise to design his website can simply make a social media account that will act as its website. The post will provide the user with information about the business’ products. The sale can happen through the call option given for business accounts. A courier will deliver the package, and your sale is made.

Social media is easy to operate without much hassle.

How do You Reap the Most Profits?

Like I said before, having a business account is the first and most significant step in utilizing social media for maximum profits.

Apart from this, these three can also change the game for your online business.

Regular Posts

Just creating an account is not the only task at hand with a social media business model. You need to be always on it, adding posts and stories that will end up in people’s feed, and they start buying your product.

Kim Kardashian West’s KKW fragrance is a prevalent business account on Instagram that has over 1 million followers. One reason for this follower count is its regular posts and stories. With 1,042 posts, hundreds of stories in highlights, and I am sure if you open it right now, you would see some current stories as well.

West also makes sure that she tags fragrance on her account to widen its audience. Since she has 169 million followers, I think she is right to do that. Her highlights are also only about her three business endeavors.

So, activeness like this will allow you to experience the true glory of social media.

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Inviting Customers to share Feedback

A social media business does not promote trust. People get skittish to buy expensive goods from an up and coming account that is just beginning.

However, you can change it. The sales that you make on social media make sure that you follow those. You can ask the buyer for his review on the purchase along with the picture of the product in use.

If it is a clothing item, the client can send a picture of him wearing it,
a decorative item can be seen hanging on a wall or adorning a table,
a customized phone cover can be seen in a mirror selfie.

This will help the prospective customer to start trusting your brand and its products. Target Loans, a direct lender, had adopted a similar strategy with success stories through loans, and people began visiting its actual website to know more about the loans before starting to apply.

The Influencer’s Angle

Apart from just using your personal and business account to promote the latter, you can also try to take advantage of the many social media influencers.

These are people who have a huge fan following on social media, and if they post about something they bought and liked, their followers would want to try that too. That is the level of their influence; hence, they are called influencers.

From David Beckham and Emma Watson to Mitchell and Harry Lewis, each has promoted at least one product to their followers. The “paid-partnership” tag on top of the post indicates that the product manufacturer has paid them to improve it and increase its exposure.

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Winding Up

Social media is indeed a platform that is gaining ground as a business epicenter for online activities. And rightfully, the number of people who buy things from social media accounts is exceptionally high.

Brands, like Fashion Nova, merely operate on these handles and have built a fortune that will last a lifetime. So, to say this avenue is the newest vogue is correct.

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