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Is Prosperity Only Reliant on Your Bank Balance?

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What is prosperity? Is it an abstract term, or can it be defined with exactness? Some regard prosperity to being in a bed of roses. A bed covered with roses would indeed be comfortable. Others consider being prosperous to being wealthy. Now, wealth and comfort mean very different things. So, which meaning should I believe?

The opposite of prosperity will have the same meaning for everyone, which is hardships and failure. No one will disagree with me here. Let’s try to figure the meaning out through illustrations:

An 18-year-old, who got admitted in Oxford only because of his father’s donations and contacts, sleeps in a bed of roses, without any worries or purpose in life.

Then there is a 30-year-old Oxford graduate, who had studied in the same university based on his merit. He had started his own company at 25 and was recently featured in Forbes 30 under 30.

Now, I have a question for you. In both these scenarios, the person was comfortable and wealthy. However, who do you think is more prosperous? Who do you think has the potential of adding to his prosperity? I’m sure your answer will not be much different from mine.

Prosperity is somehow related to money, but that is not the entirety of its meaning. Your potential and competency to improve your circumstances are the building blocks of a prosperous future.

Importance of Money

From a very young age, we get to know that money is a precious resource. The first pound we receive from our parents for an ice lolly does not compare to the hundreds we earn today.

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Money is a fundamental requirement for people of all ages. It is crucial for sustenance. From a 6-year-old to a 60-year-old, everybody knows this fact. That is why each of us finds ways to earn it.

  • a 6-year-old earns his income by blackmailing his elder sibling. Hiding the fact that the big brother skipped school is not cheap at all.
  • a 15-year-old does so by babysitting his younger siblings and being their dictator when the parents are out and about.
  • a college student works at a diner or a coffee house to earn the extra cash.
  • the rest of us are getting an income through our jobs or businesses, where we labour around 5 to 6 days a week.

Because money is a substance, without which our survival is impossible, we are happy to find ways of earning it and raising our bank balance by the day.

Life Without an Income

What about the people who are without any source of earning money? The problem of unemployment has been a constant for the entire world. As of 2019, 6.97% population is unemployed. It means about half a billion people in the world are jobless without a steady income. In the UK, the percentage is less, but still a lot of 4.7%. These are millions of people who do not have jobs. Even though they are willing to work and have the skills required to do so.

How are they surviving? How do they buy food or pay rent? Do they have heat in their homes to keep themselves warm? Do they even have a home?

The government tries its best to cater to the needs of the unemployed population. It does so with the intention that they become able to change their circumstances. In the UK, the state provides benefits to the jobless for as long as six months.


Apart from the government, many direct lenders can offer you money to get you by in difficult times. A direct lender offers unemployed loans. These solely target the people who do not have a full-time job but have some income source to be able to repay the amount.

What a Higher Income Level Guarantees?

If your income level is high, you can even touch the sky. There is nothing you can’t do or achieve as per the society’s standards. I know it sounds too fickle, but it is true.

The kind of respect that the wealthy and affluent enjoy, the not so rich can’t deem to imagine. We have become so materialistic in this day and age that we regard money over everything else.

To meet society’s standards and achieve a level of status, each one of us is running in a perpetual rat race after money. I understand that money is essential. It fulfils our most basic needs, along with the most lavish ones. Drinking a cup of tea is impossible if you do not have some pounds in your pocket. All of it is true.

Money can guarantee you almost everything but happiness. Joy comes from within. Everyone close to you, your family and your friends, are the ones who will help you in finding happiness.

And when you have found happiness along with a rich money source, then you can call yourself prosperous.

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