Instant Masala Cucumber salad - Slad recipes [WEIGHT LOSS]

Instant Masala Cucumber Salad[Weight Loss] – Cucumber Salad Subji


Salad  Recipes – Easy weight loss  

Author’s name : Pranita  deshpande

food type : Cucumber salad

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Do you know today everyone is busy in their life activities? Everyone wants to earn money and its good to earn money. As money is the way  to lead complete life. So today we didn’t have more time to make food healthy. So we have to learn new types of food methods. Gobi Pulav,

Why did I have chosen this food ? I will explain here. In our garden how did by mistake I have thrown some cucumber seeds.Then automatically cucumber creep grown and I saw first, some small cucumbers. Just I want to take its taste and saw that these cucumbers were bitter in taste. I thought it was waste but, after some days new  5 to 6 cucumbers have been grown there. then I thought may be these also bitter, still took it and tasted it . After testing it I have realized that all may be good . Since that day simply I am going to that creep , bringing cucumber and making so many types of food. But, I am getting tremendous happiness from that cucumber.

Today here as a change I decided to make masala cucumber salad in  a  easy way .

Cucumber is the best source of getting C vitamin along with A Vitamin. It is good salad which can provide us delicious taste. If we didn’t have any Subji along with it we can eat it as it is with bread, Roti or Chapatti. It can create good saliva in our mouth. So we can easily digest our any food . Already cucumber is juicy food having more water in it along with lots of fibers . So it can easily mixing with another food as like Roti, chapati, etc and giving us good results for our digestion .

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Let us check here how did I have made it in a easy way.


Cucumber[green ] :1 [chopped]

Garam masala :1/2 tbsp

chilly powder :1/2 teas

lemon juice:1 tbsp or as your convenience.

sugar :1 tbsp

Hing :1 pinch

Gavar pieces :1 tbsp

coriander leaves :1 tbsp

Salt : 1 tbsp

Method To Make It :  Take the green cucumber of                                            middle size .

: Cut it  into small pieces .

: Add ingredients as like salt, sugar, lemon juice, masala powder, chilly powder, coriander leaves, Gavar pieces

Instant cucumber salad
Instant cucumber salad[weight loss] -salad recipes
, cumin powder, etc

:  Mix it with spoon , serve it with Roti, chapati, bread , etc . If  you like this type of salad you can make it any time .

These types of salad increases our energy level , it can useful for weight loss, work as a  supplementary product for digestion. As it is providing us juice to the digestion.

We are making smoothie,Juice, Paratha’s  from it .

Let us know here benefits of cucumber salad .BENEFITS

1] Increases taste of food along with increasing saliva in the mouth.

2] Good for digestion, eyes, Keeps body cool .

3] Works as digestive juice  in the stomach.

4] Increase glow on the face and gives brightness in the eyes.

5] Its fibrous works for weight loss .

6] It can be useful as a fasting food .

7]  If you will eat it everyday , definitely works for weight loss.

9] We can grow it in our home garden .

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10] it is cheap vegetable , we can use it easily everyday .


1] If we will eat raw cucumber in the morning without eating anything , it can start pain in the stomach.

2] The person who is suffered from the sinus will easily affected with it . He can sneeze every time , so be aware to use it .

3] It can increases gaseous if we will eat it and drink water without eating anything .


1] Must eat the tender cucumber. Check that is it free from germs ?

Instant Masala Cucumber salad - Slad recipes [WEIGHT LOSS]
Cucumber Salad recipes/guest
2] Do not drink water after eating cucumber, it can increases pain in the stomach.

3] Sinus affected people have to take care that , it can start pain in the teeth and gums .




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