How to make your dog happy with 3 simple things

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Who does not like to make his dog happy? Of course, we do everything we can to make our dog feel well.


I am sure that your dog is not missing.
He gets good food, probably even has several cosy baskets or may
Sit on the sofa for you, he can sniff the area during the daily walk or play with other dogs (if he likes),
And probably practice with him regularly or go to the dog school,

So everything is taken care of?
So far, yes. Naturally.


You’ve probably already noticed that your dog is sometimes particularly happy,
happy if you are extra for him or completely satisfied (and tired) is there if you had done something exciting.
Because dogs are like us too: they have a good life, but some things make them extra happy.

The good thing is: you can easily get that extra bit of luck,
It costs nothing and not even great extra time.
But it makes a huge difference!

Of course, you can do something extra every now and then to make your dog happy.
An extra trip (my Maroni would be overjoyed if we could make a trip to the sea),
A huge chewing bones (which he probably gets more often anyway),
Or something special with the course “dog luck” (there are only once a year and will start soon!)

But there are also very simple things you can do to make your dog happy,
even every day!

Here are three things that you overlook too often and that are so simple:

1. Be present

Often we are there, but not always completely in the matter.
So really present.
It makes a difference!

You know that yourself: nothing more unpleasant, than a conversation, where you can tell exactly, the opposite is with your head somewhere else.
Sometimes we are just like that for our dog.

That’s what makes us so easy and just runs along with us in everyday life,
or just going for a walk. And we do not need our full attention.
Which does not mean that he would not enjoy it and happy about it!

You do not have to do much, just be present.
If you include little can imagine, I have here a free-exercise for you
(it’s one of the bonding exercises of the dream teams from last year, see it as a sample for your dream team).

2. Offer new

Everyday life has its good sides: everything is going the usual way,
you do not have to spend energy or think long.

Dogs like that in principle,
but they like to think too! and get to know something new.

Most dogs tend to get too much routine and routine
and usually, go hungry for new and exciting things that challenge their minds.

Many dedicated dog people regularly practice with their dog or even do dog sports,
but do not always pay enough attention that the head of the dog has something to do with it.

This is especially required when he gets something new to work on:
explore a new environment, learn a new trick, get a new challenge task, …

So give your dog something new regularly and you’ll see what he enjoys!
(There will be a small free exercise next week in the blog, so subscribe to the blog now, if you do not get it yet).

3. Be satisfied

Ah, such a simple thing and yet often so difficult!
Why this is important for your dog?

Because in his world the sun shines even brighter when you are relaxed and happy.
Because he gets warm when he is satisfied and proud of him.
Because he’s even happier when he realizes how happy you are with him.

You can always be satisfied. Of course, even if the dog is far from perfect (whatever that may be).
Just be satisfied with what you have already achieved, what he has already learned or simply that he is a wonderful dog at heart.
(Regardless of the fact that maybe there is still some problem or even several).

That does not mean that you have to be content with what is.
One can certainly continue learning and working on improvements (just to make life easier for the dog).
And still, be satisfied with what is today and thankful for the wonderful dog in his life.

Such a satisfied person is a treat for the dog (and for himself!)
So think twice about what makes you happy today

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