How to handle storm-damaged trees?


A storm can leave trees looking like they’ve seen the end of the world – major limbs broken or severely damaged, its foliage stripped, and portions of its bark gouged. But what may seem like life-threatening or near-fatal, may not be so. Trees have an amazing ability to recover even from worst-case scenarios, albeit they need some help from us, humans. This is where good tree services come in handy as they are best at handling storm damage in Northeast Philly.

Can trees be saved after the devastation from storm damage in Northeast Philly?

In the aftermath of a severe storm, many homeowners have the same question in their mind: Will the trees survive? Sometimes, on seeing the devastation, they make up their mind to get rid of the tree. But hasty decisions are often wrong and you should rather consult the professionals about whether or not the trees would be able to heal themselves if provided proper care.

Be patient: Once the storm has passed, rope in a professional. Doing the right thing in the nick of time can make the difference between giving your trees a chance of survival and losing them. Utility workers, city officials, and even private tree-care firms first deal with hazards to property and life and then work on removing the storm debris, removing trees, and fallen branches. However, trees are quite resilient and many recover when treated with care, although you would have to be a little patient for that. If the damaged tree does not pose an immediate threat, try not to take hasty decisions and avoid getting rid of it.

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Stay safe: Pruning and removing limbs from damaged trees is not the same as cutting firewood. Branches that are bent or twisted are generally under tremendous strain even when they aren’t undetectable to the untrained eye. So, a quick release by cutting with a chain saw can lead to serious consequences. That’s why they should be handled by people with more experience than the weekend woodcutter.

Avoid scams: During large-scale disasters, do not be pressured into hiring anybody who comes knocking on doors offering to remove the trees or take care of it. Many such individuals have little or no training and simply contact people in hopes of duping unsuspecting residents after storm damage in Northeast Philly.

Assess the damage: Before writing off a damaged tree as having met its worst fate, get in touch with an arborist to find out whether the tree is healthy or has suffered significant structural damage. Are any of its major limbs broken? If the tree has lost its main branches, you may have little chance of saving it. Find out if the leader has been lost, because, in some species, a leader is important for the upward growth of the tree.

Make a final decision: If the injury from the storm damage in Northeast Philly is relatively slight, pruning the broken branches and cabling the tree may set things right and allow the tree to repair itself over time. But in borderline cases, try not to cut the tree down yourself. At Prestige Tree Services, we have a team of expert arborists who can better deal with problems associated with storm damage. We offer on-spot consultations and help keep your trees thriving and protected. We give your trees the care it needs. And the best part? Our services are available round the clock! So, the next time you need help dealing with storm damage in Northeast Philly or perhaps need a no-obligation free maintenance quote, feel free to get in touch with us at (215) 207-7322.

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