How to get 73 crowns from one? A lesson for discouraged designers.

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Logo designers often complain that the number of symbols that everyone understands is small, and the number of companies that need logos is huge. Therefore, it is more and more difficult to create new signs without repeating existing ones.

In many ways, this is a correct opinion. But the skill of a graphic designer illustration agency lies in giving the opportunity to look in a new way at images that are old as the world.
A very good example of this is the logos of the Dutch “royal companies” .

In the Netherlands, a company or a non-profit organization can be awarded the honorary title of “royal” ( koninklijk ). This title is awarded personally by the current monarch.
To get it, a company must meet the following criteria:

  • she had to be a leader in her field;
  • it must be of national importance;
  • it must have existed for at least 100 years.

Royal companies are allowed to use the crown of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (pictured above) in their logo. Of the 186 awarded companies, 73 have exercised this right. Look at how differently they do it!

Logo of Ahold , a major international supermarket operator headquartered in Amsterdam:

Logo of Ahrend , office furniture manufacturer:

Logo of Eijkelkamp Earth Sampling Group , manufacturer of environmental research equipment:

Logo of Goedewaagen , a Dutch porcelain brand:

Logo of HFC , Holland’s oldest football club: Royal

logo Huisman (hussars, shut up!), Yacht yard: Jongeneel

logo , wood and building materials wholesale network: Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen logo

, The oldest scientific society:

Logo KLM , the famous Dutch Airlines:

Logo Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut , the National Meteorological Institute:

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Logo of the Nederlandse Voetbalbond , Royal Football Netherlands Union:

Logo Nederlandsche Wielren Unie , cycling federation:

Logo the Nederlandse Zwembond , Swimming Federation:

Logo Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland , an equestrian and horse breeding organization:

Logo of the Instituut voor Onderzoek der Zee , of the Institute of Oceanography:

LogoPostNL , the national postal operator:

Logo of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra , the leading symphony orchestra of the Netherlands:

Logo of Van den Boer Groep, catering company:

I have shown here only the most interesting logos of royal companies from my point of view.
And designer Marco Berends decided to collect all the variety of 73 crowns on one poster . Here’s what he did:

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