How The Body Processes Cannabis: Here Is What You Can Expect From Edible Cannabis


Cannabis acts on the human body in several complex ways. While the desirable effects of cannabis have made it a highly sought after herb, you might be excited to know what to expect from it. To know the effects of cannabis on your body, you will need to first understand how the body processes cannabis.

Difference between smoking and oral consumption of cannabis
To understand the effects of edible cannabis, you must first understand the general effects of smoking cannabis. When THC is inhaled, it enters the bloodstream and then reaches the brain. What results is a high experience within 5 to 10 minutes of the inhalation that will last from 4 to 6 hours. Now let us compare this with the edible cannabis. To sum up the effects of edible cannabis on you, we can say, it takes time to create the effect, but once the high feeling starts, it feels stronger and lasts for much longer.

How the body processes the THC consumed orally
When THC is consumed orally, it first reaches the liver even before getting released into the blood stream. The liver converts the delta-9-THC from the edible to 11-hydroxy-THC and hence takes a much more potent form than how it could impact you when smoked. The transformed THC enters the brain more easily and even small quantities of Mountain View Cannabis can give you a bigger punch that you will love. The process of such conversion takes quite some time. To feel the effects of orally consumed cannabis, you will have to wait for about one hour to one and a half hour.

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What is the right dose of cannabis
The right amount of cannabis dosage depends on the user and the history of consuming cannabis. How THC is converted can differ from person to person since several factors like age, sex, size of the body and genetics can decide it besides the drugs or medications you are taking right now. This is the reason why different people feel the effects of cannabis in different ways. Some users say they experience a three times stronger kick in orally consumed cannabis than how it feels when smoked. Some might even feel stronger effects than this while some others might hardly feel any effect at all.

Some useful points regarding cannabis dosage
Those taking in cannabis for the first time and beginners can start with smaller doses like 5mg of THC per serving. Experienced users can start with 10 mg which is the usual limit per package. Seasoned users can take up the dosage to 20 mg or more as per the need. These recommendations will apply to those consuming the black market edibles. In most cases, the black market edibles do not conform to the regular standards and so they might have lesser quantities of THC than what is found on the label. It is therefore good to start with square one and then move up depending on what makes you comfortable.

Never overlook the safety standards
Intake of edible cannabis must be approached rather cautiously by knowing the safety standards. Never double up the dosage without waiting to see the effect of the edible on you. Know your limits while deciding on the dosage. Never consume cannabis along with alcohol. Consuming cannabis in an informed way guided by the right knowledge of using it can let you get the best results from the herb.

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Some cautions to note
Edible cannabis can last up to 8 hours or little more. So, be careful when you have to drive after consuming cannabis. If your employer has some drug test in place, you might not pass the test after consuming it. After the impairment period, you can donate blood without any hesitations.

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