How a Shopify Website Design Project Could Rejuvenate Your Store


If you have an online store built on the Shopify platform, there’s a good chance you already know how reliable it is when it comes to helping store owners to easily build and launch a functional website. However, you may also understand that just building and launching a website may not be enough to find success online.

In order to really wow your customers, get them to trust your brand, and effectively sell your products, you may want to seriously look into a full Shopify website design project through a competent eCommerce agency.

Do Design Projects Really Improve Sales?
In the right hands, a Shopify website design could completely rejuvenate your store. This can be a somewhat difficult area to quantify however, simply because of how many variables go into the sales process. You have to consider the quality of your navigation, how fast your website is, how attractive your product pages look, and how authoritative your branding is.

All of these points are covered in the design process however, so it stands to reason that a new design project for your store would certainly increase sales. What you are actually trying to accomplish with a design project is better customer experience for your user. A professional Shopify design can improve all aspects of your online store because of the way in which user experience is tied to sales.

When your users visit your Shopify site, they want to see a trustworthy brand with quality design and products that meet their needs. Sounds simple but the reality is few stores actually meet these criteria. The cream rises to the top online, and these days, with how competitive everything has become, you have to make sure your website looks the part. Even if you launched your store on Shopify, this doesn’t automatically give it that special “seal of approval” that users are looking for.

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A great-looking design however can do just that. By conveying professionalism and an aesthetic that appeals to your users, you can bridge the gap between your users and the product, effectively transforming them into customers through a combination of the visual appeal of your website, the usability of your store, and your brand authority. All of these points can be addressed during the design process, which makes the prospect of a Shopify website design quite appealing.

A Shopify Agency You Can Trust
If you want a truly effective design for your website, you can’t rely on just any agency to pull it off. You need a company that has extensive knowledge of the platform itself, as well as plenty of experience in actually crafting custom solutions that have garnered results.

There’s one agency that comes to mind that fits these requirements, and that’s 1Digital®. They are one of the leading eCommerce-centric agencies specializing in Shopify, and have a long history of helping clients reach their goals. Through thoughtful design solutions, they are able to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your Shopify store in ways that basic templates never could. To meet the needs of your users and completely transform the look and feel of your store, you need an agency that lives and breathes eCommerce.

1Digital® develops and designs a wide variety of eCommerce sites, and they know Shopify top to bottom. If you are looking for an agency to handle your design project, you will want to get in touch with them. Whether you need an upgrade to your whole checkout process, a new homepage, or a complete website overhaul, 1Digital® can tackle your Shopify project and give you the kind of results you’re looking for.

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