How a BigCommerce Partner Can Enhance the Shopping Experience


Working with a skilled BigCommerce partner can give your online store the boost it needs in order to succeed, regardless of the industry you are in or the challenges you face. The world of eCommerce is only getting more competitive, and with the bar raised higher than ever, you want to make sure you are taking every step possible to future-proof your business.

One of the ways in which a BigCommerce agency can improve your business is by enhancing the shopping experience on your actual online store. This is a critical part of succeeding online, because users want a streamlined and professional experience no matter where they are shopping. You have to think that with the competition out there like Amazon, you have to be able to provide a tested experience that is smooth and trustworthy. Users aren’t going to shop somewhere that feels “off” to them in any way.

How The Shopping Experience Plays a Role in Online Success
While eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce have spent years crafting amazing products that allow users to build online stores with ease and even sell products securely with minimal hassle, these out-of-the-box solutions are rarely enough. If you want to give your store that “edge” and provide a superior experience for your customers that sets you apart from other businesses, custom design and development may be on the table.

You would be surprised at the difference a professional shopping experience can make in terms of your bounce rate and cart abandonment rate. If your shoppers feel as though their needs are being met and that the purchase will go through smoothly, and that the product in question is actually worth the money and time it will take to ship, you’re going to get great results.

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You can’t often get these kind of results if the checkout process is lacking or if the design of your website is confusing or cluttered. A BigCommerce design agency that has years of experience on the platform can customize the way your website looks and functions, which will help your users find what they are looking for and feel more comfortable when they are on your website.

You can’t get by with just a basic layout and a “green lock” for security. This is the barest of the bare minimum for online stores, and may not be enough to capture the attention of your audience. You have to ask yourself what your website may be lacking and how a professional eCommerce design agency might be able to improve it.

A BigCommerce Partner That Can Change Your Business
Want to give your users what they are looking for and maximize the potential of your BigCommerce store? You need to hire an agency that has a deep understanding of the platform and who can provide you with a full suite of services, from ongoing support to design, development, and even BigCommerce marketing. You will get the best results for your customers if you wholly invest in your business by taking advantage of the skills that a vetted BigCommerce agency can provide.

1Digital® has put together a team of eCommerce experts that work closely with BigCommerce on all of their biggest projects. When you need to make real changes on your website, 1Digital is the agency that you call. From marketing to custom development and everything in between, they do it all, and they do it better than the rest. For a team that truly knows how to improve the shopping experience for your users, this is the group of professionals you want managing your project.

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