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Rolex seldom permits anyone into its sacred halls. However, I used to be invited to go to their four manufacture locations in Suisse and skill first-hand however Rolex makes their far-famed watches.

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Rolex may be a universe of its own: respected; admired; valued, and identified across the world.

Rolex will create watches, and their timepieces have taken on a job on the far side that of mere timekeeper.

So since we won’t show you what we tend to say, I would prefer to share with you some attention-grabbing facts that each Rolex and watch lover ought to understand.

Many watch lovers area unit accustomed to the very fact that Rolex uses a kind of steel that nobody else uses.

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Steel comes in different sorts, and grades and most steel watches area unit made of a kind of stainless-steel referred to as 316L. Today, all the iron in Rolex watches is created from 904L steel, and like so much as we all know, just about nobody else will.

Why? Rolex accustomed use same steel as everybody else, however, in around 2003, they stirred their entire production to 904L steel.

Most important to Rolex, is that 904L steel once appropriately worked, is ready to require polishes unbelievably well.

If you have ever detected that steel on a Rolex watch appearance utterly different than different watches, it’s thanks to 904L steel, and the way Rolex has learned to figure with it.

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Given everything Rolex has made over the years it should not return as a surprise that they need an enclosed analysis & Development department.

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Rolex has not one, however many different types of very well-equipped skilled science labs at their various facilities.

One way of viewing Rolex is that they’re a very competent and nearly obsessionally organized producing company – that happens to create timepieces.

Full of beakers and tubes that carry liquids and gases, the Rolex laboratory is jam-packed with extremely trained scientists.

Rolex encompasses a space with multiple negatron microscopes and a few gas spectrometers.

24k gold comes into Rolex, and it’s become 18k yellow, white, or Rolex’s Everose gold.

Because Rolex controls the assembly and machining of their gold, they’re able to strictly guarantee not solely quality, however the most effective trying elements.

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To our information, Rolex is that the solely watch manufacture that produces their gold or perhaps encompasses a real factory in-house.

The philosophy at Rolex looks to be pragmatic if personalities make it higher, then let a person’s sleep with, if a machine will it higher, then make a computer sleep with.

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