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As many vape shop owners know, the vapor industry has its ups and downs. Products like flavored pre-filled vape pods were popular for years before they were banned. Now disposable vapes are flying off the store shelves, but who knows how long that will last? These sudden trends are just one reason why you need a source for more than just wholesale vape supplies. Carrying a wide range of vaping supplies along with alternative products is the best way to attract more customers, even when the vape trends are changing.

Obviously, as a vape shop, when you place a wholesale vape supplies order, you are going to need basic vaporizer hardware. Mods, atomizers, coils, and pod systems are all staple vape products that should be found in every vape shop. Here at Kingdom Vapor, we carry a huge inventory including all of the traditional vaping and pod vaping supplies your customers need.

To fill these vapes and pod systems, your customers are going to need quality e-liquids. We carry both traditional e-liquids and nicotine salt e-liquids for pod systems. You can find a huge selection of unique flavor profiles so you always have something unique to offer your customers.

In order to give your customers more customization options, it’s also important to carry a selection of vaporizer parts. Whether you just need a few replacement parts or your customers want to experiment with rebuildable atomizers, we have the parts your shop needs. Our inventory includes a large selection of accessories and coil building equipment for DIY vapers.

While all of these products will attract e-liquid vape users, you can increase your customer base by ordering alternative products with your wholesale vape supplies. We carry a huge selection of dry herb vaporizers and smoke shop products to offer in your shop. In all likelihood, many of your customers already use these products. Offering them in your shop will draw in new customers while increasing sales with existing customers.

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One of the most popular alternative products amongst vapers is the concentrate vape. These vapes typically use simple vape pens with 510 connectors to attach to cartridges of oil-based concentrates. This means that many of your customers who purchase compact 510 batteries are probably concentrate vapers. Adding items like glass bangers and compatible water pipes to your shop will make you a one stop shop for all on their concentrate vaping needs.

Dry herb vaporizers are another popular alternative vape option. Instead of burning herbal material, these vaporizers heat your herbs to the point of vaporization. Instead of producing smoke, these devices create a flavorful vapor similar to concentrate use. Because the herb does not combust during this process, users don’t have to worry about inhaling the chemicals found in smoke.

We carry a few dry herb vaporizer options including the Hebe Titan 2 and the Vivant VLeaf. These systems are perfect for beginners to explore the convenience of dry herb vaporizers. All you have to do is fill it with your favorite herbal blend, heat up the device, and inhale the vapor.

Sadly, not everyone is looking to vaporize 100% of the time. Many vape customers will still smoke some of the time and, by adding a few products to your store, you can cater to that audience as well. Glass pipes are the classic smoke shop options. We offer both dry glass pipes and water pipes, including models with multiple percolators for an incredibly smooth hit. You will also find glass setups on our website specifically designed for concentrate use. For either style of glass pipe setup, we also carry cleaning products so you customers can always keep their glass looking as good as new.

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Despite the smooth hits from one of our amazing glass pipes, some smokers just prefer to go old school and roll their herbs. We carry the herb grinders they will need to shred their plant material into a rollable consistency and the papers they will need to roll. You can even order rolling accessories like trays and pre-rolled packable cones that make it easy for inexperienced rollers to produce a perfect cone everytime.

If you have never carried these items in your shop, now is a great time to experiment with methods to increase sales. When you order from us, there are no minimum order quantities. This means you can order a few of these alternative products and see what your customers think.

So if you are planning to place a whole vape supplies order for your shop, we have everything you need to offer your customers the vapor products they need and the smoke shop products they are looking for. Create or log in to your wholesale account to see prices on all of our products. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team by calling 1-814-297-8240 or sending an email to [email protected]

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