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Divinity Clergy Wear is not just your prime stop for clergy robes and other vestments for men. No, they are also your premier supplier of Clergy Robes For Women, and not just one or two options. Divinity Clergy Wear has so many clergy robes for women that the sky is the limit when it comes to the style you wish to put into effect.

There are occasions in the liturgical calendar as well as specific sermons that require a high degree of austerity and severity, and then there are times in which a touch more levity would be a boon to the delivery of oration. Regardless of the style, fashion or mood you want to project, the selection of clergy robes for women – and preaching skirts and dresses – that you will find at Divinity Clergy Wear will make that an easily attainable reality. Take a look at some of these options when you’re looking for a refresher to your current catalog of clergy robes for women.

Mary Clergy Robe for Ladies in Black
Here’s an excellent representation of the level of stern formality that you can accomplish with some of the styles available at Divinity Clergy Wear. This full-length robe is ideal for your lady preachers and despite the severe look of its stark color, long hem and full sleeves it features an elegant brocade pattern along the front.

Gershon Clergy Robe for Ladies in White
This is one of the simplest and least effected of the Gershon line of clergy robes for women at Divinity Clergy Wear. This robe is very similar to the Mary model of robes, except this particular selection in white is ideal as a symbolic portrayal of the purity of divine charity. Like the previous model, it incorporates a brocade pattern into its design, and like the Mary line, it is stern. However, this effect is palliated by its whiteness.

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Rachel Clergy Robe & Cincture Set for Ladies in White with Red
This robe and cincture set is great for those who want to take a more holistic approach to the apparel of their clergy members. Without the cincture and red ornamentations of the robe, this model would be just about as simple as the Gershon listed above, but the red buttons, trim and cincture add a whole new dimension to the look. If you want to branch out from their simplest offerings, this is a great place to start.

Ladies 1-Piece Preaching Robe Dress in Black and Silver
As we promised, Divinity Clergy Wear is so much more than just formal robes. This set of robes takes more of the character of a dress than of robes and is wonderfully accented with silver trim and embroidery to present quite a class of character to a preaching dress. These models are made from high-quality Jacquard and feature rhinestone buttons as well as a beautiful silver embroidery (though other models in this line offer different colors, depending on your tastes). The capacious pleats and flared sleeves add another element of distinction to the dress for those occasions when you want to accent rather than diminish the natural persona of your preachers.

Ladies 3-Piece Preaching Dress with Detachable Cape in Black and Gold
This is one of the most gorgeously embellished models that we offer here at Divinity Clergy Wear. This 3-piece preaching dress comes with a detachable cape that is scalloped and handsomely embroidered with gold crosses and gives the whole ensemble a truly one of a kind look.

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Whether you find yourself drawn to one of these options or are looking for some other styles of robes and dresses for lady preachers, you’ll find plenty to love at Take a look through their online catalog or call their team at 877-453-3535 to find your next set today.

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