Get a Better Grip with DeMarini Batting Gloves


Everyone has an opinion on batting gloves, but not everyone likes to use them. There are those players who refuse to take a pair of batting gloves out to practice or out to the plate. To them, there is no substitute for the feeling of your bare hands on the grip of a bat. It’s true that the bat will tell you a lot about the swings and the hits you deliver. How you missed, if the swing was too fast or too slow, or where you made contact with the ball. Did you key in on the sweet spot, or were you too far forward or back on the barrel? When you make contact, the bat will tell you about energy transfer and just where on the barrel you landed. You can also feel the compression of the bat and the flex through the grip. To players who thrive on this feedback, they’d trade all of the stings of every mishit in history for the chance to improve their performance through the feedback that the bat offers them.

They may have a point about batting gloves. In the past, batting gloves were often made of leather that was too thick to effectively transfer that information through the palms for feedback. They gave players a better grip on the bat and diminished the discomfort and the sting of mishits, but the drawback came in the fact that they didn’t offer as much sensitivity as they could.

Today, advances in technology have made batting gloves lighter, more sensitive, and more comfortable and protective than ever before. If some of the anti-batting glove people out there would give some of these modern developments a chance, there’s a good likelihood that some of them would change their tune.

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Options like DeMarini batting gloves exemplify this delicate balance and the superior materials and technology that make it possible in the first place. Check out a pair of DeMarini batting gloves like the DeMarini Adult Digi Camo II Batting Gloves that you can find at HB Sports for an overview of the kind of performance they can offer.

These gloves feature a pro-fit with an ultra-smooth sheepskin leather palm and a ribbed spandex back – between these two features alone is almost everything you could want to know about the kind of serious performance these gloves can offer.

Sheepskin is luxuriously soft and cushioned, but it can also be skived very thin to produce palms that provide amazing grip and protection from the sting and negative feedback, but are still thin enough to allow for all of the positive feedback to ring through loud and clear. The palms on these gloves didn’t even require a miracle of technology to be practical, just superior craftsmanship, and that’s what they deliver.

In addition, the ribbed spandex back allows for an excellent fit that is comfortable and forms to your contours without abrading your hands. At the same time, it is also flexible, comfortable, and breathable. Hands that are wet with sweat rarely provide a good grip, even when covered by batting gloves, but these will keep you nice and cool.

In addition, these gloves have a pretty swaggy look that you’ll be able to rock out all season long and come in your choice of colors. They obviously bring the benefits of batting gloves while alleviating some of the concerns that others have about them. If you’re looking for a pair of DeMarini gloves like these, check out the link above or visit HB Sports at, where you will find batting gloves like these and a whole lot more to love.

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