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What is an SSL certificate? Why is it worth having? The SSL certificate is the basic element responsible for securing the website. At the very beginning, I would like to tell you a basic theory. It will be great if after reading the article you remember what an SSL certificate is and why you should have it. I am aware of the fact that the topic is not the simplest.

From the following post you will learn about it:

  • What is an SSL certificate?
  • Why is the SSL certificate valid and worth having?
  • What are the types of SSL certificates?
  • Which SSL certificate should I choose?
  • Where can I buy an SSL certificate?


What is an SSL certificate?

Freelance website designer Hull website security SSL certificate is the basic form of website security. It is assigned to your domain along with the owner’s details. It guarantees the confidentiality of transmitted data when using, for example, the contact form or making payments in the online store. SSL encryption is responsible for encrypting the connection. If you started eCommerce website it’s necessary to implement Secured Protocol – you can read more about the most important features for eCommerce in one of my articles


Does every site need an SSL certificate?

web designer Hull secure certificate In my opinion, every site should have a certificate installed. You are probably wondering if you don’t have an online contact form or don’t run an online store, should you have one? If you have doubts – I will try to dispel your doubts! ?? To learn about what you need to care about when it comes to design a website – feel free to read my linked article.


Why is the SSL certificate valid and worth having?

Business web designer Hull valid secure website I think the theoretical part is behind us. The security thread will be further presented in one section. This section will be devoted to benefits that you can get by using an encrypted connection via SSL.

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An encrypted connection increases security

Freelance business web designer Hull secure website The first and most important reason – do it for your customers! They are your most important treasure, your site is probably created for them. Thanks the SSL, if the connection would be intercepted by unauthorised people, you can be sure that your clients’ data will not be read by them.


You will increase customer confidence

Freelance business web designer Hull company confidence An SSL certificate is one of the possible tools that can improve the image of your website on the web. I think the padlock next to the website address looks much better than “Unsecured.” Besides, in the case of Google Chrome, after clicking “Unsecured”, the message “Your connection to this site is not secure. I think this is the best time to fix it.


Better positioning in Google search engine (SEO)

Web design Hull seo security Google makes sure its users feel safe online. The emphasis on security will only increase over time. Using the HTTPS protocol has a positive impact on the ranking position. Installing an SSL certificate allows you to get higher positions in Google. Thanks to which you will increase organic traffic on your website.


A solution for every budget!

Cheap web designer Hull secure website In my opinion, the big advantage when it comes to SSL certificates is the price. On the Internet, you can find solutions for free! £50 and £200 per year. You have a full selection and as I mentioned earlier – if you do not have an SSL certificate on your website, at the very beginning a free option should be enough for you.


The number of pages you want to include in the certificate.

Usually, one certificate secures only one domain. However, there are Wildcard certificates. This type of certificate will be useful to you when you have subdomains on your website (subdomain is the address created under the main domain, e.g. for the mobile version, for your blog, or media.yourdomain. and others) It is important whether you have a small company website with a simple contact form or you are the owner of a website where large financial transactions are carried out. Certificates differ among others For some certificates – you need to go through your company’s verification procedure. Price – keep in mind that the fee for the certificate is not one-off. The certificate is issued for a given period. After it expires, it should be renewed.

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You can choose from three types of SSL certificates. They differ in the level of security

Freelance business web designer Hull types secure website DV class certificates are validation certificates based on domain ownership confirmation. Validation of such a certificate is automatic. It does not require us to send documents, It is worth mentioning that we can easily find a certificate for up to £50. Furthermore, Let’s Encrypt certificate is also a DV certificate, which is free. The certificate is issued for 90 days. Some hosting companies offer free certificate installation along with automatic renewal. If your service provider does not offer an automated solution, you can easily find a person who will do it for you OV class certificates are associated with the organization and domain verification. For this certificate class, the subject data is checked. EV class certificates are extended validation certificates. Which SSL certificate should I choose? DV class certification will in many cases be sufficient. In my opinion, this is the right choice for company website owners. In the case when small online stores too, choosing this type of certificate will be most right.

If you want to authenticate your website, an OV class certificate will be a very good choice. This type of certificate increases the website’s credibility. As I mentioned earlier – in this case, you will be required to provide documents of a registered KRS company, company agreement, etc. It differs from a DV class certificate in that the user can check the details of the certificate subject in the details of the certificate.

The EV class SSL certificate is the biggest guarantee of credibility. As in the previous one, it is possible to check who the certificate was issued to. Also, your business name will appear next to your website address. This certificate is mainly used by financial and state institutions, banks or large brands. I do not hide, this way of presenting the SSL certificate looks impressive in my opinion. ??

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Where can I buy an SSL certificate?

Freelance business web designer Hull secure encryption The simplest and most convenient option will be simply to buy a certificate from your service provider. However, if you are thinking about changing your service provider, or are you just trying to do it check my blog entry – What to look for when designing your company website?



I hope that at least some of the readers have reached this point in the post. We went through all the most important issues related to what an SSL certificate is, why it’s worth having it, which one to choose and where to buy it. I am sure that the knowledge contained in the above article will allow you to increase the security of your website.

If you have a problem installing an SSL certificate, you can contact me easily using the contact form.


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