Four Reasons to Buy Your Cassock Robes from Divinity Clergy Wear

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If you have never heard of Divinity Clergy Wear, leave your excuses at the door and step right into the best in contemporary fashion, literally. Operating not only on their website,, but in their showroom in Hamilton, New Jersey, Divinity Clergy Wear has singlehandedly changed the game for those shopping for cassock robes.

1. A huge nod to tradition

The first and most important thing most shoppers will be looking for in their cassock robes is a traditional styling. After all, the day in and day out use of cassocks has fallen out of fashion, even among ordained members of the Catholic church. Nonetheless, the cassock is a symbolic garment that is often an accessory to other vestments, and if you are looking for one, chances are you are looking for something somber and respectable.

That is exactly what you will find at Divinity Clergy Wear, and then some. Their collection of vestments and other clerical garments, clergy robes, and clergy shirts is simply without comparison. If it carries some significance as a vestment, there is better than a good chance you will find a traditional option at Divinity Clergy Wear. Shop there for a Roman Cassock or a band cincture and you will find what you need.

2. High-quality fabrics and craftsmanship

All f the cassock robes and other clerical garments that you will find on their website are carefully crafted using the best methods and the highest quality materials. For example, their Surplice is accented with lace and some of their other garments are crafted from high quality Viva fabric.

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In addition, their collection of preaching dresses for ladies is exemplary not only for style but for quality. Many of their dresses are crafted from Jacquard fabric which cannot be compared to any other style as the patterns they contain are actually woven into the fabric itself. One way or the other, if you come to shop at Divinity Clergy Wear, you will be treated to a real experience in quality.

3. The best selection of contemporary styles

One more thing to keep in mind when you are trying to figure out where to get your cassocks and other clerical wear and liturgical vestments is the style you are trying to go for. In many cases, and as mentioned above, the key feature is going to be one of tradition; however, there are times when contemporary styles and flair are desirable, and many of the robes available at Divinity Clergy Wear are vested with unique and unmistakable style.

4. Great customer service

Divinity Clergy Wear may be defined by a great collection that is incomparable for quality, but they should also be known for the fact that their customer service is without equal. When you have a question about their garments and vestments, they are there to help. Maybe you need to know the difference between an Anglican Cassock or a Roman Cassock or between a Tab Clerical Collar and a Banded Collar. Sometimes the difference between them may surprise you; but Divinity Clergy Wear’s team will help you get to the bottom of it.

If you’re looking for a collection of cassock robes like no other, Divinity Clergy Wear has the assortment you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re looking for something strictly traditional like a black cassock and cincture that you can find readily on their website or something brighter like a red cassock to showcase the passion of the sacrifice, Divinity Clergy Wear can be your best-kept secret.

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Check out their website today, listed above, and if you have any questions make sure you direct them to their team. Give them a call at 877-453-3535 and let them know what you need; they’ll be happy to help.

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