For Black Bohemian Dresses, Think Boho Pink


Bohemian style is typically associated with soft, natural earth tones, floral patterns, and animal prints. The cut of bohemian style can be very difficult to typify because oftentimes a style that doesn’t fit into another school is simply labeled as bohemian. That makes the bohemian style a necessarily inclusive category where the discerning eye can turn to find quite a broad range of looks.

Some might not think of black dresses in the same style as other bohemian dresses, but all it takes is a little outside of the box thinking to see otherwise. While colors like greens, tans, and pinks might be more typically associated with bohemian style, Black Bohemian Dresses – especially those you’ll find at Boho Pink – abound in quite a range of styles. Oftentimes it is the cut or the lay of the fabric that makes black bohemian dresses so distinct, but once you see the style you’ll know immediately – that’s bohemian.

In a way, it’s a little ironic to try to classify a style as bohemian, since as stated bohemian style is rather what isn’t included elsewhere. That being said, we’ll take a few specific cases to illustrate the point that black bohemian dresses can offer an unmistakably bohemian swagger. Only take a look at some of these that you will find at to see what we mean.

Boho Pink’s Vineyard Black Floral Print Ruffle Puff Sleeve Dress is a great place to start. While you might balk at the fact that it isn’t pure black, it’s still a great representation of the types of styles in black bohemian dresses you’ll find at Boho Pink. With a short hem that you might expect to find in a sleeveless dress, this dress breaks the mold with its puffy sleeves and ruffles. That floral print leaves no confusion – this is an idol of bohemian style.

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What of their Veronica Black and White Striped Cami Mini Dress? A dress needs no floral pattern to be identifiable as bohemian. This dress makes its mark by adding some angles and corners that might have been smoothed out in a different black dress. Its plunging V neckline, a discordant arrangement of stripes and its mildly ruffled appearance give it the characteristic look of a style that needs, or wants, to be recognized. That’s bohemian.

How about a style that presents itself as bohemian but entirely in black and without the assistance of additional color or patterning? Consider their Bridget Black Strapless Midi Dress to see this pulled off with finesse. There’s nothing necessarily bohemian about a midi dress, and it might even be said that many strapless dresses don’t present themselves as bohemian. It’s the combination of these effects – the somewhat longer skirt of the hem and the lack of straps that jars the mixture just enough to call it bohemian, and all in a little black dress.

So you can see that even a color typically reserved for different styles can be uniquely bohemian, and some of the black bohemian dresses available at are the finest you will find.

Of course, Boho Pink is so much more than just black bohemian dresses. Right from their homepage, you can easily navigate through their catalog of boho dresses by color, style, and occasion so you can outfit yourself for whatever life can throw at you.

Even better is the fact that, in true bohemian fashion, Boho Pink is committed to making new finds and adding them to their catalog. Boho style can’t be contained or completely defined, and novelty is part of what makes it so unique. Novelty and uniqueness are two descriptors that match Boho Pink ideally but don’t take our word for it. Visit their site to see for yourself.

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