Five Places to Have a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife


Everyone who ever has a need to execute a small task with their hands (which is everyone, at some point or other) will find a great use for a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife at one point or another.

Why not just carry a small folding knife, since a small folder will be just about as practical for EDC as a Swiss Army Knife? Well, for one thing, the function of a small EDC folder may be immense, but it will still be limited when compared alongside some of the tools available from Victorinox.

Different versions of their tools will excel in different scenarios, but among their multi tools and small, lozenge shaped pen knives you will find plenty of utility. Here are five places where you should keep or carry a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife – and don’t ditch your EDC or fixed blade! Just add in one of these.

In Your Hiking Pack

Whether you are camping, hunting, hiking or fishing, your pack is a great place to stash a pocket knife like Swiss Army Knife. While a filet knife might be better suited to cleaning fish and a camp knife would be better for batoning through logs, a Swiss Army Knife, even a small one, carries with it a ton of utility that other more specialized blades may lack.

With even the smallest Swiss Army Knives you can whittle sticks and ranks for cooking, or clean small game. Pocket knives like the Victorinox Classic SD are remarkable for this high-quality construction and tools. Even this one comes with a knife, scissors, a toothpick and tweezers.

In the Shop Drawer

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Many of the small pocket knives available from Victorinox are valuable enough in their own right, but pick up one of their multi tools that has upwards or 20 or 30 tools built into it and you’ll be in an even better position.

Many of them have pliers, wire cutters and strippers, files and saws built into their design. That means if you’re in the shop and you need the dexterity of pliers or a little help smoothing out some burrs on a piece of steel, help will not be more than an arm’s length away.

In the Toolbox

You would also do well to keep a comparable model in the toolbox, as many of their larger and more competent models are stacked with wrenches and bits as well. You never know what you’ll be dealing with when a piece of equipment fails; you might just need to tighten a screw, and that gets pretty tough without the right driver and bits. Keep yourself ready with a Swiss Army Knife in the toolbox and you’ll never be without.

In the Glove Box

By the same token, you never know when you’ll need a multi tool on the road. Obviously we wouldn’t suggest that you become a renegade mechanic armed with nothing but a Swiss Army Knife multi tool, but it’s better than nothing. When you’re on the road, exigencies arise, and many of them can be laid back to rest with the help of a multi tool or pocket knife.

In Your Pocket!

Last but definitely not least, the best place for a Swiss Army Knife is your pocket. If it’s in your pocket, it will be with you in the woods, when you are in your car, or when you need to access your toolbox. Plus, many of them are slim, sleek and light – you’ll never know they’re there.

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