Findings Of Some Recent Studies And The Growing Applications Of Cannabis In Medicine


Cannabis has come to be understood as one of the miracle herbs that have a vast number of amazing medicinal properties. The ongoing studies in some fields of medicines have found out the most wonderful uses of cannabis in treating a variety of medical conditions. Here are the findings of some studies that have attested the positive benefits of cannabis on some disorders and ailments in humans. We are a highly trusted Cannabis Store Calgary to source the most authentic product online for a variety of requirements and uses.

Treatment of cancer
Cannabis is found to slow down the growth and proliferation of cancer cells and eventually stop them spreading. As per the study reports published in the journal Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, cannabidiol has the ability to stop cancer in humans.

Treatment of Glaucoma
Marijuana is found to be effective in treating glaucoma, which is found to build up the pressure inside the eyeball that can harm the optic nerve leading the loss of vision. National Eye Institute says cannabis has the ability to lower the pressure inside the eyes. The effects of cannabis can help prevent blindness in humans.

Treatment of arthritis
Some researchers have found that cannabis reduces pains and inflammation and can promote sleep. Such properties can relieve the pain and discomfort in people with rheumatoid arthritis. Studies in rheumatology wings of many hospitals administered Sativex to patients which is a pain relieving medicine based on cannabinoid. After two weeks of such administration, it was found that the patients taking this drug reported a significant reduction in pain.

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Treatment of concussion and trauma
A recently conducted study in the journal cerebral cortex has revealed that cannabis can help in the treatment of concussion and trauma following an injury. The journal said the experiments proved that marijuana can reduce the bruises in the brain and supports the healing mechanism after a traumatizing injury. Some studies have stressed on the neuro-protective properties of marijuana.

Treatment of insomnia and nightmares
Cannabis can help people suffering from PTSD. This herb interrupts the REM sleep and decreases the number of nightmares in patients suffering from PTSD. This herb is a better choice when it comes to sleep aid when compared to some other substances like alcohol.

Treatment of IBD
Cannabis is found to be highly effective when given as supplement during the treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Chemicals like THC made by the body are found to increase the permeability of the intestines and thereby allow the bacteria in. cannabinoids derived from cannabis is found to block these cannabinoids made by the body and thus stop this permeability. Thus the intestinal bond will become tighter together.

Treatment of anxiety
A few studies conducted by the Harvard University has found that cannabis can reduce anxiety. This herb is found to improve the mood of the smoker and work as a sedative in lower doses. Nevertheless, higher doses of this herb can increase anxiety and make people paranoid.

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