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The Toyota Tacoma is an amazing truck, but the stock halogen bulbs leave something to be desired. While these bulbs provide enough light to see the road, the output can definitely be improved and the need to change them yearly is a huge drawback. At Diode Dynamics, we have engineered our LED lights to be the best bulbs on the market. If you are shopping for new Toyota Tacoma headlight bulbs, check out our bulbs if you want bright headlights that you won’t have to change again.

Unlike halogen bulbs, which use a glowing filament, LEDs rely on small semiconductors that emit a bright light at low voltage. This allows them to operate at lower power levels while providing significantly more light. They also offer modern cool white light, unlike the yellowish light produced by halogen bulbs. Just because LEDs are oftentimes brighter doesn’t mean that LED replacement bulbs will always offer more light output where you need it. At Diode Dynamics, our team of engineers has designed our bulbs to work perfectly with your existing headlight assembly.

The inside of your Tacoma’s headlight assembly is a series of reflectors or projectors. These reflectors and projectors are designed to take the light emitted by the bulb and reflect it forward in a solid beam of light. If the focal point of your replacement bulbs is not properly aligned, these reflectors cannot do their job properly and the light output will suffer. Our high-performance SL1 LED headlight bulbs are designed to align perfectly so the LED chips emit their light from the same position as the OEM halogen filament. This means they interact with your headlights as intended to provide the same pattern of light output only brighter.

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Luckily Toyota Tacoma headlight bulbs are one of the easiest bulbs to replace. You can upgrade your truck to LEDs in less than 30 minutes with our simple plug and play bulbs. The headlight bulbs on the Tacoma are easily accessed through the engine bay. You simply remove the old bulb, disconnect it from the socket, insert your new SL1 LED bulb, and reattach the socket. The passenger side bulb will be partially obscured by the wiper fluid, but the process is identical to the driver’s side installation.

Once you have completed installing your bulbs, it is important to test them. The polarity of the circuit matters for our LEDs, so if your bulbs do not illuminate you simply need to unplug the bulb from the socket, flip it 180 degrees, and plug it back in. Once this is complete you should never have to worry about your headlights again. To see our step-by-step installation video on our youtube channel, simply search “How to Install 2016-2019 Toyota Tacoma Headlight LEDs | Diode Dynamics.”

Halogen bulbs need to be replaced yearly because they only have a lifespan of 400 to 1000 hours. This means that if you use your headlights for only 3 hours a day, you will burn your bulbs out annually. Our premium LED bulbs are designed to last over 40,000 hours. That means the same 3 hours per day users would not have to change their bulbs for over 35 years. These bulbs will not only outlast your truck, but they also come with our worry-free three-year warranty.

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So if you are tired of having to replace your Toyota Tacoma headlight bulbs, now is the perfect time to upgrade to our SL1 LED bulbs. To get the best new headlight bulbs for your truck, visit Diode Dynamics today to order a pair or find an authorized dealer in your area if you would like to have them professionally installed. We know you’ll love the increased light output, longer lifespan, and sleek modern look of our LED bulbs.

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