Cute Sweaters for Women Who Love Summer


Is there any better time of year than sweater weather? Snuggling up in soft knits and oversized sleeves, living our most cozy lives – what a way to live! Each year as the chilly season starts to fade away I find myself sighing, thinking, ‘if only sweaters could be in season all year round.’ Then I found the gorgeous collection of Cute Sweaters For Women at Boho Pink, and my world changed!

When I used to think of cute sweaters I pictured long sleeves, thick turtlenecks, and nice big cable knits that were as heavy as they were adorable. To me, the classic sweater look was always a late autumn and winter style, the most fashionable part of bundling up against the cold. There certainly are plenty of sweaters in this thick and cozy style to go around at Boho Pink. But as I was perusing their collection, I also saw unique styles I’d never imagined before. Thin, snake print cardigans, wide stitch crochet tops with big loops to show off bikini tops beneath, open shoulder tunic style sweater dresses that flow as you walk, and even crop top sweaters! These stunning sweater styles are about so much more than simply keeping the chill winds at bay. Boho Pink sweaters are about looking good and embracing the cozy knit life all year round!

If you’d asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be wearing a sweater on the beach in July, I’d have said only in Australia, where winter comes in the middle of the year. Take my favorite striped turtleneck out to Malibu in the dog days of summer and you’ll have a heat stroke before you can even touch the water! But now, thanks to the cute sweaters for women on sale at Boho Pink, my favorite beach looks all feature beautiful knits and crochet crop top sweaters perfect for a sunny summer in Cali!

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I’m never going to get over how good the Beach Babe Ivory Crochet Crop Top I found at Boho Pink looks in the golden sunlight of a hot summer’s day. I’d wear this adorable short sleeve open crochet crop top over my bikinis at the shore, or even just layered to show off my favorite brassieres on the boardwalk or at the park. The subtle V-neckline and sweet drawstring bodice give it just the right curves while the top hangs loose and breezy on the body – a flattering look for everyone!

I’m not always at the beach, of course, and sometimes even in summer, you need just a little more coverage. Never before would I have thought that lightweight coverage could come from a summer sweater, but Boho Pink pulls through again! The Sugarlips So Cozy Short Sleeve Grey Cardigan has that perfect loose and easy, lazy but stylish look that’s insanely trendy right now. It’s a look that says you don’t need much to be stunning, and it’s the perfect simple style for a hot summer festival! This short-sleeve cardigan is so crazy soft you’ll never want to take it off!

There are so many unique finds like these at Boho Pink, it’s hard to pick favorites! For any fellow sweater enthusiasts, I definitely recommend browsing through – you never know what gems you’ll find!

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