Common Features of Fastpitch Softball Bats for Sale


The differences between baseball and softball are evident enough, even to the unpracticed observer, but the truth is that there are more differences between them than you might have guessed. Softball is a very involved sport with a lot of nuances that those unfamiliar with it would not notice without being informed. For example, there are two distinct forms of softball and many different leagues that govern the rules associated with each.

For example, one might readily know that softballs are larger and less dense than baseballs. This is invariably true, but the same observer might remark that the softball pitch is different from the baseball pitch. This is necessarily true but not in the way that might be expected. For example, the underhand wound-up pitch that most people associate with softball is only indicative of fastpitch softball.

This brings up the next point, that slowpitch and fastpitch softball are different from each other and require different gear of those that play them. For example, if you play fastpitch softball, then you will need a specific type of bat known as a fastpitch softball bat. Before buying, take note of some of these features of fastpitch softball bats for sale.

Fastpitch bats tend to offer superior performance and maneuverability over slowpitch bats because batters are dealing with faster and trickier pitches. That requires them to be more agile in their swings. It also means they have more of a need to put more power behind their efforts.

Therefore, more fastpitch softball bats for sale will have relatively narrow barrel diameters. Most of them have a barrel diameter of 2 and a quarter inches because that makes it somewhat easier to react. At the same time, although the barrel is slimmer, the bats tended to be fairly heavily end loaded. That creates a good balance between the reactivity that a batter might need in a bat as well as the power she could put into her swing.

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Also, to heighten their performance, it is fairly common to see fastpitch softball bats that are made of synthetic materials as opposed to wood. Aluminum bats are very common, as are highly engineered composite material bats. While some of the most expensive and highest performance baseball bats are made of wood, that is a fairly uncommon occurrence in fastpitch softball bats.

If you’re looking for fastpitch softball bats for sale, then you’ll want bats with these features, but you won’t want to sacrifice a selection of brands or pay more than you need to, either. If you’re looking for a wide range of bats that offer the features you need to be effective, then you should check out HB Sports’ collection at

There you can find softball bats for fastpitch and slowpitch from Louisville Slugger, Miken, DeMarini, Worth, and many others. Their collection is immense, so whatever features, handling considerations, or materials you are looking for, you will find them there. They offer some of the most high-tech bats on the market, manufactured with precision-engineered grips and high-performance barrels that offer amazing compression and rebound to deliver serious hits through a huge sweet spot.

If that weren’t reason enough to check out their collection, consider this. You will find some of the best prices in the industry and without a doubt the singular best customer service, at HB Sports. They may offer excellent prices, but the best thing about patronizing them is the fact that they make it a point to field your questions with poise. Even if what you need is some advice on what bat to get, give them a call at 1-888-540-BATS.

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