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The term boho chic means different things to different people, depending on the way that they view boho fashion. Actually, boho fashion probably means different things to a lot of different people too. In truth, bohemian fashion is kind of in a constant state of flux. There are elements of boho fashion that you probably don’t expect to change, but since it’s all about making the most out of what you have, try not to ever get too surprised by change.

Back to boho chic. To some people, boho chic might mean a cute look that incorporates an animal print. To others, it might mean a halter top, crop top or tie front in earth tones or a floral print that was just a little different in cut from the mainstream. To others yet, boho chic means a collection of fashion that, while on its own might not be called bohemian, when paired together gives off eccentric vibes and doesn’t really fit into any other category.

It’s a nice break to shop for Boho Chic Tops and other boho chic clothing because everything else just gets too predictable after a while. At the very least, you can always expect boho fashion to give you a fresh look.

A look like the Robin White Eyelet Tie-Front Crop Top that you can find at Boho Pink is a great representation of what many people think of when they hear the words ‘boho chic tops.’ It brings in a lot of elements that we covered only moments ago. Is the color bohemian? Not necessarily. Are crop tops bohemian? Also not necessarily. Yet, when you pair the color, the fabric, and the remarkable cut of this top together, you get a definite taste of ‘boho chic.’ On their own they might not turn heads; together, you almost can’t help but do a double-take.

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Another great example of boho chic tops is the Take Me With You White Floral Puff Sleeve Top that can also be found at Boho Pink. Again, this cute little top takes a bunch of stylistic elements that might not turn heads on their own and makes them phenomenal together. Its floral print adds a little extra kick to an already spice cut that is certain to gain some attention. A short cut, a deep neckline and curiously long, flowing sleeves complete the appeal. Rather than gathering a bunch of different pieces and throwing darts at the board, boho fashion lovingly gathers together a number of different harmonious effects and gives them a free-spirited final look.

Then there’s a boho chic top like the Gia Black Long Sleeve Tie Front that does it all without pattern, relying only on color and cut. In fact, you might even say it pulls off its look entirely with cut, as black is one of the colors least frequently associated with boho fashion. Even so, the long sleeves of this tie front shirt play interestingly with the deep neckline that jar just about as much as they vibe. The result is unique and interesting, not to mention commanding attention.

If you’re looking for boho chic tops, then you can’t miss Boho Pink’s collection on their website, There’s a reason we drew from their collection to make an illustration of what it means to occupy a niche in boho fashion – they do it much better than anyone else. Not only can you find these and much more boho clothing on their website, but you’ll find new additions to their lineup every week. Like boho fashion in general, that’s how they keep things fresh and exciting. Fashion can’t get stale as long as someone’s always adding a little spice, and that’s just what Boho Pink does.

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