Check Out Some of the Decorative, Educational World Map Wall Murals at World Maps Online


If you’re outfitting your interior with a new look, even if you’re just looking for creative new ways to add some class and style to one of the rooms in your house, don’t miss a chance to check out some of the World Map Wall Murals available at If you’re looking to add some color and a whole new dimension of character to your interior setting, you might just be surprised by what world map wall murals can do for just about any room in your house. Take a look at some of the following examples to get a sense of what we mean.

If you’re looking for a map to match your interior setting while still remaining useful as a piece for reference or education, consider their Tan World Map Wall Mural, available in a variety of sizes up to 166 by 112 inches. This map showcases current political boundaries and displays major cities as well as important landforms like mountain ranges and lakes. Where this map really becomes useful is in accenting a setting. If the interior of one of the rooms in your house, your office perhaps, cause use the warmth of some neutral earth tones coupled with the class of a world wall map mural, this is a wonderful way to do it. This particular model is also available in peel and stick and wallpaper formats to make it easier for you to install it.

If you want to add the weight of world map wall mural but you don’t need it for reference – just decor, consider World Maps Online’s Studio Map Mural in black scallop. This particular design will be right at home anywhere the sharp contrast of black and white will fit. If your interior design in modernist or minimalistic, this map will deepen the adherence to the color scheme while also impressing with its recognizable lines. There’s hardly a way to add some color and texture to any room in the house – all you need to do is match it to the setting. This map also comes in convenient peel and stick and wallpaper formats.

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What can you do when the setting of your interior calls for warmer hues? If you need some more movement and texture but you are looking for the same basic design in a map as the former, consider the Madras ABCD Map Mural that you will find at World Maps Online. This map is available in sizes up to 142 by 69 inches and comes in the same mounting formats as the former entries. This maps shows off warm and inviting pink and soft blue hues that suffuse the image of the Mercator projection, but what really makes it stylistically unique is the geometry it fronts. Blocks of color are arrayed in a grid overlaying the surface of the continents. The interest of the geometric design stands in contrast to the errant outlines of the land, throwing the entire composition into relief. Best of all – if you like this design, you can find other maps in their ABCD line in many other color patterns to suit any design.

You’ll find these and countless other world map wall murals waiting for you at By countless, we mean that to fully appreciate the breadth of their product offerings you’ll definitely want to check their website. They offer historical maps, educational maps, satellite image maps and so much more – anything you could need to outfit your home, office or classroom. In addition to their standard offerings, they can create custom maps for you as well – just contact them at [email protected] Find a map for any setting, and find it right on their website at

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