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Unlike your headlights, which shine light down the road, fog lamps are lights that are specifically designed to illuminate the area directly in front of your vehicle. These lights become very useful when driving through fog and other inclement weather conditions. If you are looking for high-quality, bright fog light bulbs to replace your halogen bulbs,, Buy LED Fog Lights from Diode Dynamics.

Diode Dynamics is an American manufacturer of high quality automotive LED lighting. Founded in 2006, Diode Dynamics has grown alongside the automotive LED industry itself. Now, over a decade later, their team of in house engineers develops high-quality LED lighting products that improve the performance of your lights or add functionality.. One example of this is their SLF LED Fog Light Bulbs. These bulbs were designed to mimic the filament location on your halogen bulb, so they provide more light where you need it without providing glare to oncoming traffic. These bulbs are available in 6000K cool white and 3000K yellow. The 3000K yellow fog light bulbs put out a true yellow light, unlike the greenish tint often found from other manufacturers who combine cool white light LEDs with a yellow lens.

This true yellow output helps to increase contrast and lower the strain on your eyes while driving. There is also a belief that the yellow light, which has a longer wavelength, is more effective at cutting through fog. There have been several studies that support the fact that the human eye can have a hard time processing the short wavelengths from blue and purple light, while yellow light is extremely easy for us to process.

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Especially in inclement weather, eye strain can be a real problem, which is what makes yellow fog lights so useful. When you attempt to use your low or high beams in fog, you are basically shining light straight into millions of tiny airborne mirrors. The water droplets in fog will reflect the majority of your headlight’s output right back at you. In order to avoid this, fog lights shine downward.

This downward angle helps to ensure that any glare produced will not shine back into your eyes. The output from these fog lights is also optically designed to cast a wide beam pattern of light that doesn’t spill above causing glare. This only illuminates the portion of road directly ahead of your car, as shining any further down the road would produce the same glare as your headlights. It is always wise to drive slowly when driving through fog, so that you can clearly see the road ahead.

When you buy LED fog lights from Diode Dynamics, you gain a few advantages over conventional halogen fog lights. First off, the output from LEDs is more powerful, meaning you will have more light output shining directly in front of your vehicle. LED bulbs will also last 40 to 50 times as long as a conventional halogen lights so you shouldn’t have to worry about your lights burning out. Diode Dynamics also includes a 3 year worry free warranty with every set of bulbs they sell so you can upgrade with confidence.

To buy LED fog lights for your car, visit to use their convenient model search feature to find the bulbs that fit your vehicle. You can also reach out to their team with any questions by calling 314-205-3033 or sending an email to

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For more information about Led Fog Light Kit and Automotive LED Lights Please visit : Diode Dynamics.

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