Best Storage Tips For Cannabis


Cannabis is a naturally growing herb and a valuable gift of nature to humans. The far reaching medicinal and recreational benefits of cannabis have accounted for its huge popularity among the users. While cannabis use is fast escalating in Canada, it is necessary that you learn the best storage tips for cannabis so that you preserve the herb, its incredible properties and the most delightful flavor. Especially light and humidity are two natural elements that can impact the quality of cannabis and deteriorate it. Here are a few tips on strong cannabis in the best way. Also, for best results and an authentic purchase, always buy cannabis from premium Cannabis stores in Alberta.

Tips to protect cannabis from light and humidity

  • During summer, the temperature gets warmer and things around will get a bit stickier. The exception happens in case of buds. Hot temperatures will spell disaster to the bud if they are stored improperly. Cannabis is best stored in a cool and dry place.
  • The ideal storage arrangement for cannabis is an opaque or glass container. For maintaining the bud in its pristine condition, the thumb rule is to shield it from heat and light.
  • Some strains of cannabis do thrive in hot temperatures. While hot temperatures can support cannabis during its growth stage, high temperatures do not work while storing dried cannabis.
  • Excessive heats can ruin the precious cannabinoids and terpenes that are known to make the bud so special. Terpenes are highly volatile in their nature. Too much light and heat can degrade them.
  • You must know that mould and mildew can thrive in temperatures between 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. This is yet another reason why cannabis can do well when stored in a cool and dark area.
  • On the side of humidity, it is important to maintain the right kind of humidity levels while storing buds. The right humidity is essential to prevent the buds getting dried. In addition, this will also protect cannabis from mould, mildew and contaminants.
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Storage solutions for cannabis

There is no harm in storing cannabis in the government packaging in which it came in. Nevertheless, some prefer some extra protection for their beloved buds which can ensure the herb is stored in a better way. Here are a few favourite products that can ensure that cannabis is stored properly.


These are economically priced but highly efficient two-way humidity packs that you can opt for while looking for the right type of storage for cannabis. Air tight storage containers can ensure patent two-way 62 percent humidity control and this is an ideal setting for storing cannabis. Especially when you wish to store dry buds, this can be your best pick along with a dewbie. Even if your cannabis has got too humid, this can help you.

FOUR20 Stash Jars

These meticulously made jars come with thick walls and air tight seals and are available in a highly convenient size. The price is quite affordable and they are a good option for storing the bud in a fresh condition. However, you must not forget to keep the container in darker place.


Seasoned cannabis users will find this container a great choice. The stainless steel body and an air tight seal are the big advantages with this container. This storage arrangement will ensure that your cannabis is kept in optimal light and humidity conditions. This container is also highly durable and can be a good choice for those who wish to carry it while travelling.

Absent stash bags

If you wish to make sure that the cannabis is fully shielded, you will find absent stash bags the right option. They are stylish and scent-proof bags that will ensure no light can spoil the buds. These bags are also easy to carry ones. For more information about Calgary Marijuana Dispensaries and Buy Marijuana In Calgary Please visit : Mountain View Cannabis.

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