Best Simple Sunnah Habits to Adopt this Ramadan

Best Simple Sunnah Habits to Adopt this Ramadan


We all know that Ramadan is just around the corner. It is the holiest and the most important month of Islamic calendar. Every Muslim across the globe waits for the arrival of this blessed month with utmost religious zeal and zest.  It’s the month of social, religious gatherings foods and flavors.

In this most reverential month, millions of God fearers get the Cheap Ramadan Umrah Packages to fulfill their spiritual desire to land their feet on the holiest place of earth. This sacred most spot is none other than the grandest Holy Kaaba in Makkah.

Undoubtedly Umrah in Ramadan is beyond just golden opportunity. It is the beautiful sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW).  But it’s not possible to perform this Sunnah for every Muslim.  It’s because everyone has a different financial background, varied health issues and several other reasons.

Ramadan- A Guest Month

Ramadan is just like a guest month.  It comes to us for just 30 days and brings immeasurable divine rewards for the mankind.  It’s time to get closer to Allah (SWT). It’s the time to seek the forgiveness of your mistakes or misdoings from Allah (SWT).

Just strive to attain as much mental contention as you can in this blessed month.  Open the Holy Quran read it and try to understand it.  Offer prayers, perform worships, prostrate and ask for the mercy of Allah (SWT) on you, your family and your loved ones.

Ramadan- A Month of Following Sunnah

Besides these virtuous acts, this Ramadan can be a golden opportunity to adopt some easiest sunnahs or life aspects of our beloved last Messenger of Allah (SWT) to bring the positive practical changes in your personality.

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These are the blissfully blessed common life acts of our beloved Holy Prophet (SAW).  You would continue receiving Allah (SWT)’s will and mercy for your entire life.

Easiest Sunnahs of the Holy Prophet (SAW) to adopt

Besides having fasts with extra sunnah prayers or nawafils, there are some casual life acts and habits which you must adopt to get the multiplied rewards of Allah (SWT).  When you start noticing the positive personality changes in yourself you would realize that the sunnah things that may seem small hold great worth in your life.

These sunnah acts may involve the etiquette of drinking water or sunnah way of putting on your shoes or sunnah act of sleeping on a right side. Along with these, there are a few more sunnah habits of the Holy Prophet (SAW)  you can add in your routine

Keep a Smiling Face

How simple and a cheery sunnah it is for the whole Muslim Ummah.  A beloved Prophet (SAW)’s companion has reported that ‘I have not seen anyone who smiled more than the Prophet of Allah (SAW)’. [Tirmidhi]

It’s a beautiful sunnah to meet and greet your loved ones with a smile on your face. The Holy Prophet (SAW) also directed us to be courteous and cheerful with our fellas. He (SAW) says ‘Don’t belittle any good deed, even meeting your brother with a cheerful face’ (Muslim).

Add Miswak

It’s a natural toothbrush with the medicinal properties.  It’s also referred as a chewing stick. It is widely used in the Islamic world. It is a small wooden stick used by the Holy Prophet (SAW) to brush the teeth.  Through this small sunnah you would attain the immeasurable spiritual rewards with superb teeth health benefits.  Our Holy Prophet (SAW) has said us to use it regularly. He (SAW) says

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“If it were not that it would be difficult for my nation, I would have ordered them to use the siwak for each prayer.” [At-Tirmidhi]

Keep Dates and Honey in House

Dates are the Ramadan special food.  The Muslim world consumes them very fondly specially in this holiest month. This super succulent dry fruit is the favorite food of the Holy Prophet (SAW).  This dry fruit has numerous spiritual and health benefits.

It’s advisable to include this sunnah fruit in your daily lives to get immense health benefits.  Once Holy Prophet (SAW) said to his wife Aisha ‘The household which has dates will not go hungry. [Muslim]

The Holy Prophet ( SAW) has  also directed the mankind to use honey for a sound bodily health. The scientific research also declares it as a natural medicine with anti-inflammatory properties

Visit your Sick Fellows

The Holy Prophet (SAW) has directed his followers to visit our sick fellows and console them.  The Holy Prophet has said “ Feed the hungry,  visit the sick and set free the captives [ Muslim]

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